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Register Your Website in a Space

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Register Your Website in a Space

Register Your Website in a Space

October 4, 2021
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November 4, 2019
Register your website in a SAP Web Analytics space to initiate usage tracking.

You will learn

  • How to register a website in the space
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The steps in this tutorial are applicable for trial landscape. Few UI elements of Site Management section in SAP Web Analytics either need not be used or left as is for this trial experience.

For production landscape, please follow the instructions provided in the official help documentation.

Step 1: Open SAP Web Analytics

Open SAP Web Analytics application. If you’re the space admin, you must have received the SAP Web Analytics URL from your customer admin.

While opening SAP Web Analytics, you will see that there are no sites available for tracking.

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Step 2: Register your website

If you don’t have a web application, you can create a simple one with SAP Business Application Studio. Refer to this Create an Empty SAPUI5 Project.

  1. Select Add Site.

  2. Enter the domain name of your website. Don’t include http:// or https:// for the domain name.

  3. Enter a meaningful name or description that describes the website.
  4. Leave Tracking Status as its default, active (green).
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Step 3: Configure the privacy settings

Under the Privacy Settings header, do the following:

  1. Leave Site Used by Employees Only as its default, inactive (red).

    In the production landscape, you can use this toggle if your website is used by employees only.

  2. Enter the number of days to remember the visitors based on your organization’s data protection and privacy regulations. Do not enable Set as session for trial usage.

    If you enable Set as session, a new visitor ID is generated for every visit. Hence, you won’t be able to differentiate new and returning visitors.

    Field Name Value
    Remember Visitors For (days) 90
  3. Leave Allow Custom Attributes as its default, inactive (red).

  4. Leave Default Tracking Consent Banner as its default, active (green).
  5. Select Save.
  6. Read the agreement and select Agree & Save.
What is the correct format to enter the domain name of your website?

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