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Enable Multi-User Mode for Your Android Application

Learn how to configure a wizard-generated application to enable the multi-user mode, available as part of the Flows component of the Android SDK.
You will learn
  • How the Android SDK supports multi-user mode
  • How to enable multi-user mode for an online app
  • How to enable multi-user mode for an offline app
  • How to use several multi-user mode related APIs
FengHaoyueHaoyue FengNovember 18, 2022



The Flows component of the SAP BTP SDK for Android provides the following functions to enable multi-user mode for your application:

  • Handle the onboarding process for multiple users.

  • Handle user information and user data management.

  • To enable multi-user for an application developed using Flows component, you only need follow the instructions at Try Out the SAP BTP SDK Wizard for Android to create a new application using the SAP BTP SDK Wizard for Android and check Enable Multiple Users for the Multiple Users on the Project Features tab. Or you can follow Step 2 and 3 to enable multi-user mode for online and offline, respectively.

Enable multi-user mode

The following cases are not supported in multi-user mode:

  • Biometric authentication is not supported. The biometric screen will not be shown in the onboarding or unlock processes.

  • NoAuth authentication type is not supported. Even if multi-user mode is turned on, an application using the NoAuth authentication type will revert to single user mode.

  • No passcode policy is not supported. A default passcode policy will be used if the server has disabled it.

  • Step 1

    Which functions are supported by Flows component for multi-user feature?

  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

    Congratulations! You have learned how to enable multi-user mode for your android applications!

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