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Add a Reset Flow

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Add a Reset Flow

Add a Reset Flow

Add a reset flow which might be used by the user to onboard the app to a different SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services server or to use a different set of credentials.

You will learn

  • How to add a reset flow to an app
  • The effect of the reset flow on the secure stores
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  • Completed the previous tutorial in this mission which added the restore flow

The result of the reset flow will be that the data in the stores will be cleared and the onboarding flow will be called.

Step 1: Add the code for the reset flow

Add the following method to your class in

private void startResetFlow() {
    LOGGER.debug("starting Reset flow");


    // Creating flow and configuring steps
    Flow flow = new Flow("reset");
    flow.setSteps(new Step[]{
            new StoreManagerStep(),         // clears the application store (APP_SECURE_STORE)
            new BasicAuthStep(),            // removes any saved cookies
            new PasscodePolicyStoreStep()   // clears the passcode policy store (RLM_SECURE_STORE) and creates a new one

    // Preparing flow context
    flowContext.setFlowPresentationActionHandler(new FlowPresentationActionHandlerImpl(this));

    flowManagerService.execute(flow, flowContext, new FlowActionHandler() {
        public void onFailure(Throwable t) {
            LOGGER.debug("Reset failed. ");
            showAlertDialog("Reset", t);

        public void onSuccess(FlowContext result) {
            LOGGER.debug("Successfully reset");

            // show splash screen again then start onboarding flow

            // After the reset, the stores should be empty
            LOGGER.debug("About to log values from the Passcode Policy Store");
            StoreHelper.logStoreValues(((OnboardingContext) result).getPasscodePolicyStore());
            LOGGER.debug("About to log values from the Application Store");
            StoreHelper.logStoreValues(((OnboardingContext) result).getApplicationStore());

The added method calls the StoreHelper's reset method which clears data in the stores and then starts the onboarding flow.

Add the following line to the onReset method.


Within the showAlertDialog method, uncomment the following code.

if (t.getMessage().equals("Eula Rejected") || flow.equals("Onboard")) {

This will ensure that if the EULA is rejected, or if onboarding fails, then the onboarding flow will begin again.

What does the StoreManagerStep do in the reset flow?
Step 2: Try it out

Tap the Reset button.

Click reset button

The Welcome screen should appear.

Welcome screen

As well, the stores will have their values cleared.

ADB log

If there are additional stores to be reset, such as an offline store, code could be added in added in the StoreHelper's resetData method to handle this.

Congratulations! The code to perform a reset flow has been added.

What flow is started after the reset flow completes successfully?

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