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Log Upload Using Values from the Flow

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Log Upload Using Values from the Flow

Log Upload Using Values from the Flow

The device log will be uploaded to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services reusing the OKHttpClient and SettingsParameters from the flow.

You will learn

  • How to make a log upload request reusing values provided by the flows framework
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When the app is opened, the restore or onboard flow will have initialized an OKHttpClient to communicate with Mobile Services. The OKHttpClient instance will be reused for the log upload method call. Additional values such as the serviceURL are available which would be needed in an online or offline OData request.

Step 1: Add code to upload the log

Add the uploadLog method below to the bottom of the MainActivity class.

public void uploadLog() {
    LOGGER.debug("In uploadLog");
    myLogUploadListener = new Logging.UploadListener() {
        public void onSuccess() {
            LOGGER.debug("Log upload completed");
            Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "Log upload completed and was successful!",

        public void onError(@NonNull Throwable throwable) {
            LOGGER.debug("Log upload encountered an error with message: " + throwable.getMessage());
            Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "Log upload failed with error message: " + throwable.getMessage(),

        public void onProgress(int percentUploaded) {
            LOGGER.debug("Log upload progress: " + percentUploaded);


      // String serviceURL = flowContext.getOnboardingParameters().getSettingsParameters().getBackendUrl();
      // String deviceID = flowContext.getOnboardingParameters().getSettingsParameters().getDeviceId();
      OkHttpClient okHttpClient = flowContext.getOkHttpClient();
      SettingsParameters sp = flowContext.getOnboardingParameters().getSettingsParameters();
      Logging.uploadLog(okHttpClient, sp, Logging.UploadType.MERGE);

The above method uploads the existing log to Mobile Services and displays the result of the action. Notice that the Logging.uploadLog method requires an OkHttpClient and SettingsParameters variables that are retrieved from the flowContext.

Add the following line to the onUploadLog method.

What is the name of the class that is used to make network calls such as log upload?
Step 2: Try it out

Tap Upload Log and a toast message will appear shortly after.

Upload log button

As well, the Logcat will contain details of the log upload.

ADB log showing log upload

If you receive the error below, ensure Client Log Upload is checked under Client Policies on the Mobile Services Cockpit.

Failed log upload message

Congratulations! The code to obtain the OkHttpClient and SettingsParameters from the flow was added and used in a log upload call.

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