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Translate the Flows App from Java to Kotlin

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Translate the Flows App from Java to Kotlin

Translate the Flows App from Java to Kotlin

Translate the Flows App from Java to Kotlin using Android Studio.

You will learn

  • How to convert an Android Studio project from Java to Kotlin
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  • Completed the previous tutorial in this mission

Kotlin is a new language that supports Android development. It is more concise and has state of the art language features while being interoperable with Java.

Step 1: Convert from Java to Kotlin

Before proceeding, optionally clean the project (gradlew clean in the terminal window) and make a backup copy of the project as you cannot convert back from Kotlin to Java.

Specify the configurator and Kotlin version to be used by navigating to Tools > Kotlin > Configure Kotlin in Project.

Choose configurator

Select the latest available Kotlin compiler and runtime version.

Kotlin version

Right-click on the java folder and choose Convert Java File to Kotlin File.

Convert Java to Kotlin menuConvert Java to Kotlin progress

Click OK to the popup that asks if you will correct the project.

Correct code popup

Note, the conversion process does not convert commented code.

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Step 2: Fix conversion errors

Build the app.

Notice that there is a compilation error.

Compilation error

To fix the error in ClientPolicyManager.kt properly initialize the policyFromServer variable by adding a setter to its initialization. Click the error in the Logcat to open to ClientPolicyManager.kt and replace the variable with the code below.

var policyFromServer: ClientPolicy?
    get() = policyFromServer
    set(value) {}

Within replace LOGGER.debug("isOnboarded value = " + onboardFinished!!) with the following code.

LOGGER.debug("isOnboarded value = $onboardFinished")
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Step 3: Try it out

Uninstall the app.

Run the app.

Try out the various features of the app.

Congratulations! You have now converted a Java app to Kotlin. By finishing the tutorials in this mission you should have a better understanding of how the SAP Flows framework simplifies the code needed to onboard a user to the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services and interact with client policies.

What are some of the benefits of Kotlin for Android development?

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