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Add a Web Dynpro ABAP App to Your Launchpad Page

Add an existing Web Dynpro ABAP backend app to your freestyle Portal site.
You will learn
  • How to expose a Web Dynpro ABAP backend application to your SAP Cloud Platform Portal site

SAP customers who run classic SAP UI applications on their data center backend can transition to the SAP Cloud Platform and continue using these applications.

  • Step 1
    1. Open the Supplier Portal freestyle site for editing in the Site Designer

    2. Click the Content Management icon from the left panel and select Apps.

      Content management

      The Manage App Configuration editor is opened.

    3. Click the + icon at the bottom menu to create a new app configuration.

      Add new app
    4. In the Properties tab, under General enter the following values:

      • App Title = Search POs
      • App Subtitle = Search for Purchase Orders
    5. Under Intent Navigation, enter the following values:

      • Semantic Object = S_EPM_FPM_PO
      • Object = Display
    6. Under App Resources Details enter the following values:

      • App Type = Web Dynpro ABAP
      • Application ID = S_EPM_FPM_PO
        (the transaction ID associated with the application we wish to add)
      • System Alias = ES5
        (the name of the destination connecting to the SAP Backend)
      • SAP Business Client URI = /ui2/nwbc/~canvas;window=app/WDA/S_EPM_FPM_PO
        (path to the SAP NetWeaver Business Client used to run the app together with transaction ID).
      Add properties
    7. Now select the Catalogs tab and click the + in the Assigned Catalogs table.

      Add catalog
    8. Add the Everyone catalog and click OK.

      Select everyone catalog
    9. Select the Groups tab and then click the + in the Assigned Groups table.

      Add group
    10. In the Select Groups dialog click New to create a new tile group.

      Select new group
    11. Name the group Purchase Orders and click OK to close the New Group dialog

      Name the group
    12. In the Select Groups dialog box, the Purchase Orders group is already selected. Click OK.

      Purchase orders group added
    13. Select the Visualization tab. Keep the Static App Launcher tile type value as well as the existing configuration.

    14. Select this icon: sap-icon://Fiori2/F0003 and click OK.

      Select an icon
    15. Click Save.

      Visualization properties

    At this stage you can already launch the app. In the next step, you’ll set up an external access point so that the app is available externally.

  • Step 2
    1. From the left side panel, click the cog icon to open the Site Settings editor.

      Site Settings
    2. Click Edit.

      Click edit
    3. Under System Settings enter the following values:

      • Access Type = External
      • Access Classic UIs = Yes, and show in Launchpad
        (Allows users accessing the site from outside of the corporate network to launch the Web Dynpro app).
      • Launch SAP GUI apps in place = Yes
      • Launch WDA apps in place = Yes
    4. Click Save.

      System Settings
  • Step 3
    1. In the Supplier Portal site designer top level menu, click the Preview icon.

      Click preview icon

      The Supplier Portal runtime is opened in the preview environment in a new browser tab.

    2. In the site’s navigation menu click Supplier Self Service to navigate to the Fiori Launchpad page.

      Preview FLP

      The Fiori Launchpad page is displayed with the new Tile group Purchase Orders and a new tile Search POs under it.

    3. Click the apps to open them.

    Which editor do you use to configure a Web Dynpro app in your site?

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