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Add a Fiori Launchpad Page to Your Portal Freestyle Site

Add an SAP Fiori launchpad page to your Portal site and add apps to it.
You will learn
  • How to add a SAP Fiori launchpad page to your freestyle site.
LindsayBertLindsay BertJune 1, 2020
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October 22, 2018
  • Step 1

    In this tutorial you’re going to create a launchpad page in your Portal freestyle site and then later you’ll add apps to it.

    The page you are adding is just like any other page in your freestyle site. The only difference is that you can add apps to it and arrange them in groups just like you would do on any SAP Fiori launchpad site.

    1. From the Portal Admin Space, open the Supplier Portal for editing in the Site Designer.

      Open Site in Site designer
    2. In the side panel, click Page Management -> Pages.

      Open page management
    3. Click + in the Pages panel.

      Add a page
    4. In the Create Page wizard, enter the following:

      • Page Name: Supplier Self Service
      • Template Source: Leave as is
      • Page template to select: SAP Fiori Launchpad
    5. Click Finish.

      Create page

    The Supplier Self Service page is added to the list of pages.

  • Step 2

    In this step you will create a new tile group. Tile groups logically aggregate tiles in the SAP Fiori launchpad page.

    1. From the list of pages in the left side panel, select the new Supplier Self Service page. This opens the Manage Groups editor.

    2. Click the + icon at the footer of the (empty) list of Groups.

      Create new FLP group
    3. In the New Group wizard enter the Group Name: Company Products.

      Enter group name
    4. Click the Roles tab to assign roles to the tile group.

      Open Roles tab
    5. Click the + icon in the empty Assigned Roles table.

      Assign role
    6. In the dialog box, select the Everyone role and click OK.

      Select group role
    7. Click Save to create the new group.

      New group is created
  • Step 3

    In this step you will add the SAP Fiori launchpad page (named Supplier Self Service) to the Portal’s navigation menu.

    1. From the list of pages in the left side panel, select the Supplier Self Service page.

    2. Click the bottom-facing-arrow icon to open the page action menu and select Add to Menu.

      Add to Menu
    3. Click Save.

      Save menu

      The Menu Editor is opened with a new menu entry named Supplier Self Service added at the bottom of the menu list. The new entry points to the newly created page.

  • Step 4

    In this step we will publish the site so that you can see how the new launchpad page is displayed in the Portal site menu.

    1. Click the Publish icon.

    2. Click Publish and Open.

      Publish and open
    3. See the Supplier Self Service launchpad page displayed in the Portal site menu.

      Display launchpad page

    How do I add a launchpad page to my freestyle site?

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