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Integrate Your App into Your Portal Site (Cloud Foundry)

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Integrate Your App into Your Portal Site (Cloud Foundry)

Integrate Your App into Your Portal Site (Cloud Foundry)

June 26, 2020
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August 4, 2019
Add the app that you created in SAP Web IDE to your Portal site on Cloud Foundry.

You will learn

  • How to consume your own developed apps in a Portal site
  • How to add the app to the Launchpad page in your Portal site.
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You’ve created a SAP HTML5 module in SAP Web IDE and deployed it to your SAP Cloud Platform subaccount.
For more information about how to create the app, see the tutorial: Develop Your First SAP Fiori App for Use in a Portal Site on SAP Cloud Platform on Cloud Foundry.

The Launchpad page in your JobCore Portal site already contains a URL app. In this tutorial, you’re going to add the SAP Fiori app that you created in SAP Web IDE to a different group in the launchpad of your Portal site.

To consume apps that you created in the Portal, you first need to configure a destination to your developed content.

The entry point for your developed content is the App Router URL of the MTA file that you developed. So first you’ll find the URL of the App Router of your deployed MTA file and then you’ll add a destination to this App Router.

Step 1: Find App Router URL of deployed MTA file
  1. Open your subaccount and click Spaces in the left navigation panel.

    Open subaccount
  2. Click the dev space.

    Open space
  3. Click the mta_FioriDemo_appRouter app.

    Open appRouter app
  4. Under Application Routes, copy the App Router URL and save it. You will need it when you create a destination in the next step of this tutorial.

    Copy URL

Now you are ready to create a destination to your SAP HTML5 app in SAP Cloud Platform.

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Step 2: Create destination to SAPUI5 app
  1. Open your trial or other subaccount, and in the side navigation panel, click Connectivity > Destinations. Then click New Destination.

    New destination
  2. Enter the following properties:

    Property Value
    Name JobCoreApps
    Type HTTP
    URL https://<id> where <id> is your ID number
    Proxy Type Internet
    Authentication NoAuthentication

    Destination properties

    Note that the URL is the App Router URL that you saved in step 1.

  3. Click New Property

    Add new property
  4. Add the following additional property: sap-platform = CF

    Add destination properties
  5. Click Save.

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Step 3: Open the Content Manager of your Portal site
  1. In the side navigation panel of your trial account or subaccount, click Subscriptions and enter Portal in the search bar. Then click the Portal tile and Go to Application. The Site Manager opens with the Site Directory in focus.

    Open Portal site
  2. Click the icon in the side panel of the Site Manager to open the Content Manager.

    Edit Portal
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Step 4: Add your app to the site
  1. In the Content Manager, click + New > App.

    Add app
  2. In the PROPERTIES tab enter the following values:

    Field Name Value
    Title Candidates
    System JobCoreApps (this is the name of the system that your app is running on - same name as the destination name). Note that it may take several minutes until the destination that you created in step 2 appears in the System list.
    App UI Technology SAPUI5 (this is the type of app that you are adding).
    SAPUI5 Component Name mynamespace.FioriDemo - this is the registered name of the SAPUI5 component. To get this name, ask your developer to open the component.js file in SAP Web IDE - it is defined in the component.js file without the .component suffix as shown here: Find component name

    Your screen will look like this:

    Add app properties
  3. Click the Navigation tab and enter the following intent:

    • Semantic Object: candidates

    • Object: display

    Define intent
  4. Click the Visualization tab.

  5. Leave the Title as is and then enter the other properties as follows:

    • Subtitle: Developers

    • Information: Current recruits

    • Icon: Click the browse icon, type idea-wall, select the displayed icon, and click OK.

    Then click Save

    Save visualization settings

  6. Go back to the Content Manager.

    Back to content manager

    You can see that your new app is in the content items list.

    View app

You can now integrate this app with your Portal site and add it to the Launchpad.

To make the app visible in the Launchpad, you need to assign it to a group. You also need to assign the app to a role.
This is exactly what you’re going to do in the next two steps.

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Step 5: Assign your app to a group

In this step you’re going to create a new group and you’ll assign the Candidates app to it.

  1. Click + New in the Content Manager and click Group to open the Group editor.

    Select group
  2. Enter Work in Progress as the Title.

  3. In the Assignments panel on the right, type ca to search for your Candidates app and the click the + to assign your app to this group.

  4. Click Save.

    Assign group
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Step 6: Assign your app to the Everyone role

In this step, you’ll assign the Candidates app to the Everyone role. This is a default role - content assigned to the Everyone role is visible to all users.

  1. Go back to the Content Manager.

  2. Click the Everyone role to open the Role editor.

    Select Everyone role
  3. Click Edit.

  4. Search for your app. Type ca in the search field to find the Candidates app and then click + to assign the Everyone role to it. And then click Save.

Save role

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Step 7: Review your site
  1. Click the Sites icon to open the Site Directory.

    Open site directory
  2. Click Go to site on the site tile.

    Open site

You’ll see the Work in Progress group with the Candidates app.

View runtime site


You have successfully created a great looking Portal site with apps that you can access from the Portal launchpad.

This is just the start – you can continue to add more apps to your Portal site.

Which of these editors will you find in the Content Manager?

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