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Create a Launchpad Site Using the SAP Launchpad Service

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Create a Launchpad Site Using the SAP Launchpad Service

Create a Launchpad Site Using the SAP Launchpad Service

March 8, 2021
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June 1, 2020
Create a launchpad site to which you can later add business apps.

You will learn

  • How to create a launchpad site using the SAP Launchpad service.
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You have subscribed to the SAP Launchpad service and assigned yourself to the Launchpad_Admin role.

In this tutorial we’ll create a launchpad site for a recruiting company called JobCore. We’ll then add business apps to this site.

Step 1: Create a site

When you access the SAP Launchpad service, the Site Directory is in focus. From here you’ll create your new site.

Note: in the side panel of the SAP Launchpad service, you’ll see four tools. The Site Directory where you’re going to create a new site. All sites that you create will be displayed here. The Content Manager where you’ll manage cross-site content such as business apps. The Provider Manager where you manage content providers. Content providers expose business content that you can integrate into your launchpad sites. The fourth icon opens Settings where you can configure various settings related to the SAP Launchpad service.

  1. Click Create Site.

    Create site
  2. Enter JobCore as the site name and click Create.

    Name site

You’ve just created a site called JobCore.

Select 3 tabs that are available when you access the SAP Launchpad service.
Step 2: Navigate to the Site Directory

When you create a site, you are directed to the Site Settings screen where you can edit the site settings and assign a site to a specific user role.

Navigate back to the Site Directory to view the site tile.

Navigate to site directory

Your site is empty for now. In the next tutorials, you’re going to add business apps to your launchpad site.

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