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Create a Portal Site

Create a Portal site with a launchpad and other pages that will contain apps and web content.
You will learn
  • How to create a Portal site
  • How to add a page to your site and make it the home page
  • How to create a site menu
Lindsay BertJune 14, 2022


You have subscribed to the Portal service.

In this group of tutorials our goal is to create an attractive Portal site for a recruiting company called JobCore Recruiting. The site will include apps and web content. The site will contain two pages: a launchpad page and another page. Both pages will be displayed in the site menu.

Let’s get started!

  • Step 1

    When you access the Portal service, the Site Directory is in focus. From here you will create your new Portal site.

    1. In the Site Directory, click Create New Site.

      Create site
    2. Enter JobCore Portal as the site name and click Create.

      Name site

      The Site Editor opens with the Site Settings screen in focus.

    3. Click the Pages tab.

      Open Pages

    In your new site, you can already see the default Launchpad page in the Pages panel on the left.

    Note that the page is marked with an eye icon with a cross. This icon indicates that the page is not part of the site menu and is not yet visible in your site.

    In the next step, you are going to add a second page to your Portal site.

    View Site Manager

    For your information: Once you’ve created your site, you can go back to the Site Directory. There you can see that your new site is now represented by a new tile. In the future, each time you want to edit your site, you can click the pencil icon from this tile. You can also delete the site from here or preview it to see how your site users will see your site at runtime.

    View Site Tile

    From the Portal service tile in SAP Cloud Platform, which user interface of the Portal opens?

  • Step 2
    1. Click + at the bottom of the Pages panel of the Site Manager.

      Add a page
    2. Select the Anchor Navigation page template.

    3. Enter JobCore as the Page Name.

    4. Click Add.

      Create a page

    Now we have a page called JobCore and we have the default Launchpad page that you can see in the Pages panel. Let’s add them both to the site menu.

  • Step 3
    1. Click the Menu tab to open the Site Menu editor.

      Open site menu
    2. Click Click here to add an item to open the Add Menu Item screen.

      Add a menu item
    3. Enter the following values:

      Display Name Home
      Item Type Page
      Select Page JobCore
    4. Click Add.

      Menu item details

      This takes you back to the Menu Editor. You’ll see that the page you called Home has been added to the site’s menu structure.

    5. Now add the Launchpad page to the site menu.

      Hover over the Home menu item and click the + icon on the right.

      Hover over menu item
    6. Click Add Item to open the Add Menu Item screen.

      Add new item
    7. Enter the following values:

      Display Name My Apps
      Item Type Page
      Select Page Launchpad
    8. Click Add.

      Add launchpad to menu
    9. Click Save in the editor.

      Save menu settings

    Note that both the Launchpad and Home pages appear in the site menu structure.

    Which type of pages are available in the menu items and appear in your site?

  • Step 4
    1. Click the Pages tab to go back to the page editor.

      Open Pages panel
    2. Click the downward facing arrow next to the JobCore page, and then click Set as home page.

      Set as home page

    Now you have a Portal site called the JobCore Portal with 2 pages. Both pages are part of the site menu and the JobCore page (your Home page) is set as the first page that opens when a user logs on to your site.

    In the next tutorial you’re going to add web content to the Home page.

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