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Expose Your App to the Portal Service (Cloud Foundry)

Create a launchpad module in SAP Web IDE to make your SAP Fiori app available for use in the Portal.
You will learn
  • How to enable the SAP Fiori Launchpad Site extension, allowing you to add a launchpad module to your MTA project
  • How to add the launchpad module to your MTA project
  • How to configure the launchpad module
  • How to add your SAP Fiori app to the launchpad and make it available to add to a Portal site
LindsayBertLindsay BertNovember 30, 2020
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August 4, 2019

In this tutorial, you’re going to configure a launchpad module and add it to your MTA project. You will then build and deploy your project, which now includes the launchpad module together with your SAP HTML5 module, into your Cloud Foundry space.

  • Step 1
    1. Navigate to the Development area in SAP Web IDE and right-click your mta_FioriDemo project to add a new SAP Fiori Launchpad Site Module.

      Note that you can only add this launchpad module to MTA projects.

      Add launchpad module
    2. Name the module Launchpad and click Finish.

      Name the launchpad

    You can see that the Launchpad module is now part of your MTA project:

    View Launchpad module
  • Step 2

    Any app that you want to expose to the Portal service, should be added to the launchpad module. To add apps to the launchpad module, you should edit its CommonDataModel.json file.

    In this step you are going to do just that.

    In this tutorial, we will use the default group name. You can use the Add Group button to add new groups to your launchpad.

    1. Expand the launchpad module folder and select the CommonDataModel.json file.

      Select CommonDataModel
    2. Make sure you’re in Launchpad Editor view and then rename the default group tile to People by clicking on the Edit title icon next to it.

      Rename default group
    3. Now assign your SAP HTML5 module to the group. Click the + inside the People group.

      Add app to group
    4. In the Select Project Apps screen, check the App Title called Candidates and click Select. You have now assigned the Candidates app to the People group.

      Add app
    5. Click File > Save.

      This is what you’ll see in the Launchpad Editor:

      View launchpad editor

    Why do we add groups to a launchpad module?

  • Step 3

    Build and deploy the MTA project with these modules thus exposing your app to the Portal service.

    1. Right click on your mta_FioriDemo project and click Build and then Build with Cloud MTA Build Tool.

      Build your project

      An mta_FioriDemo_0.0.1.mtar file is generated. The file is located under the mta_archives folder in your Workspace.

      Archives file generated
    2. Right click your mta_FioriDemo_0.0.1.mtar file and click Deploy to SAP Cloud Platform.

    3. The values for the Endpoint, Organization, and Space are automatically populated. Click Deploy.

    4. Once you get a confirmation message that your project has been deployed, copy the App Router URL from the console.

      It looks like this:
      where <id> is your ID number.

  • Step 4

    Now let’s see how the app is displayed in the runtime launchpad module.

    1. Enter the URL that you copied from the console to a new browser tab.

      Your launchpad module displays the Candidates app that you created in the People group.

      Launchpad Module
    2. Click the Candidates app to launch it.

      Launch app

    Now you are ready to add your app to the Launchpad page in your Portal site.

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