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Enable Mobile Services App Development Tools

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Enable Mobile Services App Development Tools

Enable Mobile Services App Development Tools

Find the Mobile Services related extension in SAP Web IDE, enable it, save it, and refresh the browser.

You will learn

  • How to enable Mobile Services app development tools in SAP Web IDE (which enable developers to build end-to-end mobile applications)

Step 1: Log onto SAP Web IDE

Open your SAP Cloud Platform account (if you have a free developer account, click here to open the home page).

Click Launch SAP Web IDE to open SAP Web IDE page.

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Step 2: Enable Mobile Services tools extension

Open Preferences window by clicking on the gear icon and click Extensions.


Search with mobile to find required extension, toggle it to ON and choose Save.

This extension is used for creating and developing Mobile development kit and SAP Mobile Cards based applications along with creating backend OData service (from Scratch) that provides capabilities enabling you to quickly build an mobile enabled OData service that constitutes your mobile back-end service for mobile applications.  


Click Refresh to reload the SAP Web IDE page for the changes to take effect.


You will notice that there is now a dedicated workspace for MDK based applications.

You can now use the Mobile Development Kit editor feature to create and develop your project.


You can find more information on Mobile Services App Development Tools help documentation.

What are possible development options with Mobile Services App Development Tools extension?

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