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Set Up Initial Configuration for an MDK App

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Set Up Initial Configuration for an MDK App

Set Up Initial Configuration for an MDK App

October 28, 2020
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April 23, 2019
Configure a new app in the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services cockpit and assign some server side features.

You will learn

  • How to configure MDK apps in the Mobile Services cockpit


Step 1: Understand the mobile development kit feature

Mobile Development Kit (MDK) extends SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services and Editor (SAP Web IDE/SAP Business Application Studio/Visual Studio Code extension) to provide you with a complete set of mobile application development and management tools including on-boarding, offline support, and central lifecycle management. It offers a metadata-driven approach to create native supported applications, so no experience with creating iOS or Android apps is required. Additionally, MDK now extends that capability to the Web as well.

You can find more details in the Mobile Development Kit developer page.

What are some of the benefits of Mobile Development Kit apps?
Step 2: Configure a new MDK application in Mobile Services cockpit

Make sure that you have completed required pre-Prerequisites mentioned in this tutorial.

  1. Navigate to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services cockpit on Cloud Foundry environment.

  2. On the home screen, select Create new app.

  3. Provide the required information and click Next.

    Field Value
    Name SAP MDK Demo App

    Other fields are optional. For more information about these fields, see Creating Applications in the SAP Cloud Platform documentation.

  4. Select Mobile Development Kit Application from the dropdown and Click Finish.


    If you see a Confirm Finish window, click OK.

  5. Once you have created your application, you see a list of default features have been automatically assigned to the app.


    You can find more information on available features in SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services in help documentation.

Which tool do you use to create the Mobile Services configuration for your MDK app?
Step 3: Add a sample backend to your MDK app

A sample OData service is available for developers to use during development and testing. The sample OData service also lets you evaluate how delta tokens are handled in your test application.

More details on Sample Back End is available in help documentation.

  1. Click the + icon to add Mobile Sample OData ESPM feature to your MDK app.

    Here, you can view the root service and metadata URLs, and generate sample sales orders and purchase orders for multiple entity sets. You can view the data for each entity in a separate text file, and even can reset the sample data.


    If you see a Confirm Save window, click OK.

  2. Click to navigate back to app configuration page.

What is the default OData version was selected when you added the Sample Back End?

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