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Create A New Welcome Card

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Create A New Welcome Card

Create A New Welcome Card

Create your own welcome card in the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.

You will learn

  • How to create a Welcome card

Step 1: Get familiar with real world use case

An organization wants to share a welcome message to a new employee. Upon successful authentication in the SAP Mobile Cards app, the new employee sees a welcome card. In this card, the organization shows basic details to help the employee have a great first day. This card is available to the user without the user having to subscribe to the card.

Welcome Cards are Server Managed Cards that are automatically subscribed. When such a card is created, users automatically get instances of the card because they are automatically subscribed to the card.

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Step 2: Create a Welcome card

Make sure you have logged into SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services cockpit. In the cockpit, navigate to SAP Mobile Cards to look into the Mobile Cards configuration.


Click the Create a New Card icon MobileCardsIcon to create a new card.


Provide the required information as indicated in the table below.

Field Value
Name WelcomeCard
Template Source Template Manager
HTML Template Sample Template Welcome Card
Card Template Welcome Card

If you see a pop-up, click OK for the confirmation.

Click Save.


You will then see a list of existing mobile cards created in your account.

In which option did you select Welcome card template?
Step 3: Set card status to productive

By default, the status of newly created cards is Development. Cards can be subscribed to only when they are in a Productive state.

Click WelcomeCard in the Card Templates Tab.


Under Actions, click the check mark icon MobileCardsIcon to change the state to Productive.


Choose Yes to confirm.


You will notice that the State has been changed to Productive.

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Step 4: View the Welcome Card in Mobile Cards client

Make sure you are choosing the right device platform tab ( Android or iOS ) above.

Welcome cards are auto subscribed by default and downloaded automatically after registration.

You should see a Welcome Card in your Mobile application.


Congratulations, you can now view your first SAP Mobile card on the device.

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