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Create A New Welcome Card

Create your first SAP Mobile Card using SAP Business Technology Platform Boosters.
You will learn
  • How to create an SAP Mobile Card using SAP BTP Boosters
  • How to connect the SAP Mobile Cards application to your SAP Mobile Services
sandeep-tdsSandeep TDSSeptember 9, 2021
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February 27, 2019
  • Step 1

    An organisation wants to share a welcome message to a new employee. Upon successful authentication in the SAP Mobile Cards app, the new employee sees a welcome card. In this card, the organisation shows basic details to help the employee have a great first day. This card is available to the user without the user having to subscribe to the card.

    Welcome Cards are Single Instance Cards that are automatically subscribed. When such a card is created, users automatically get instances of the card because they are automatically subscribed to the card.

  • Step 2

    SAP Mobile Cards can be created in multiple ways. In this step, you will create a card using SAP BTP Boosters, which are sets of guided interactive steps which helps you to achieve specific goals.

    1. In your web browser, open the SAP BTP trial cockpit.

    2. Provide the login details and click Log On.

      SAP BTP Log On Screen
    3. Navigate to the trial global account by clicking Go To Your Trial Account.

      Trial global account

      If this is your first time accessing your trial account, you’ll have to configure your account by choosing a region (select the region closest to you). Your user profile will be set up for you automatically.

      Wait till your account is set up and ready to go. Your global account, your subaccount, your organization, and your space are launched. This may take a couple of minutes.

      Choose Continue.

      Enable SAP BTP CF Trial
    4. In the side navigation bar, click Boosters.

      CP CF Trial Account
    5. Click the Build a Micro App for SAP Mobile Cards tile.

      Booster View
    6. Go through the details mentioned and click Start.

      Booster View
    7. In the Check Prerequisites tab of the wizard, click Next.

      Booster Wizard Tab 1
    8. In the Select Subaccount tab of the wizard, select the following values.

      Subaccount trial All the spaces under this subaccount will be listed in the Space dropdown.
      Space dev The mobile card kit status is determined.
      Booster Wizard Tab 2
    9. If your Mobile Card Kit status is Not Available, then Click Initialize mobile card.

      Booster Wizard Tab 2
    10. Click Initialize.

      Booster Wizard Tab 2
    11. When your Mobile Card Kit status is Available, then click Next.

      Booster Wizard Tab 2
    12. In the Select Cards tab of the wizard, select the Welcome Card Template - Single Instance and click Next.

      Booster Wizard Tab 3
    13. In the Configure Cards tab of the wizard, enter the name as following and click Next.

      NameBooster welcome card
      Booster Wizard Tab 4
    14. In the Review tab of the wizard, review the details you’ve entered and click Finish.

      CPMS cockpit

    Upon successful creation you will see a success message.

    CPMS cockpit

    To create cards using boosters, your Mobile Card Kit status should be:

  • Step 3

    Make sure you are choosing the right device platform tab ( Android or iOS ) above.

    In this step, you will configure the SAP Mobile Cards client with your SAP BTP account.

    1. Click the Android button and scan the QR Code on the left to install the SAP Mobile Cards app on your Android device.

      CPMS cockpit
    2. Launch Mobile Cards Application on your device.

      App Launch
    3. Tap Proceed.

      Mobile Cards
    4. Upon reading the End User License Agreement, tap I AGREE.

      Mobile Cards
    5. Tap Scan QR Code button in your mobile device.

      Mobile Cards
    6. Scan the QR code on the right to onboard your SAP Mobile Cards client.

      CPMS cockpit
    7. Enter your SAP BTP credentials and tap Log On.

      Mobile Cards
    8. Choose a passcode with at least 8 characters to unlock the app, and tap NEXT.

      Mobile Cards
    9. Confirm the passcode and tap DONE.

      Mobile Cards
    10. Place your finger on the fingerprint scanner to enable biometric authentication.

      Mobile Cards

      This option is available only on devices that support biometric authentication. It allows you to use your biometric information for app authentication.

    11. Tap Allow only while using the app option for the location services request.

      Location Services Screen

      SAP Mobile Cards is capable of showing some cards based on your location. Click here to read more about it.

      This option is shown when you launch the application and log in to a server for the first time.

    12. You should see the Welcome Card created using SAP BTP Booster for SAP Mobile Cards.

      Mobile Cards

      Welcome cards are auto subscribed by default and downloaded automatically after registration. If you cannot see the card, then perform a pull refresh.

    13. Tap the card to see it in full view.

      Mobile Cards
    14. Tap

      Android flip icon
      button to see the backside of the card.

      Mobile Cards

    Congratulations! You have created your first SAP Mobile Card using a Booster.

    Welcome cards are?

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