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Set Up SAP Mobile Cards

Activate SAP Mobile Services and connect the mobile application to your trial account.
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February 27, 2019


  • How to connect the SAP Mobile Cards application to your SAP Mobile Services
  • Step 1

    SAP Mobile Cards is a feature within SAP Mobile Services which provides customers access to a micro-application platform to publish data into a consumer-grade wallet or passbook-style app.

    It allows companies to quickly create simple, yet highly valuable quick-win apps. These apps can give access to useful organisational tools like to do lists, payslips, time sheets and workflows like Leave request approvals, or Purchase Order approvals.

    You can read more about the features here.

    You can see the list of templates shipped out of the box here.

  • Step 2
    1. In your web browser, open the SAP BTP trial cockpit.

    2. Provide the login details and click Log On.

      SAP BTP Log On Screen
    3. Navigate to the trial global account by clicking Go To Your Trial Account.

      Enter Global Account

      If this is your first time accessing your trial account, you’ll have to configure your account by choosing a region (select the region closest to you). Your user profile will be set up for you automatically.

      Wait till your account is set up and ready to go. Your global account, your subaccount, your organization, and your space are launched. This may take a couple of minutes.

      Choose Continue.

      Enable SAP BTP CF Trial
    4. Navigate to your subaccount by clicking on the tile named trial.

      Trial Global Account
    5. Under Spaces, choose the available space as highlighted below.

      Enter Space

      Organization: Organizations in Cloud Foundry enable collaboration among users and grouping of resources.

      Space: Cloud Foundry has a standard working environment for individual applications: it is called a space. Spaces are individual working areas, which normally contain a single application.

    6. In the left pane, choose Services > Service Marketplace.

      Enter Service Marketplace

      The Service Marketplace is where you can find services to attach to any of your applications. These services are provided by SAP BTP to create and produce applications quickly and easily.

    7. Search for Mobile, and click on the Mobile Services tile.

      Mobile Service
    8. Choose Support to open SAP Mobile Services Cockpit.

      Mobile Service Detailed View
    9. Provide your Cloud Platform credentials and Click Next.

      CPMS Login
    10. Choose the Organization and Space from the dropdown list, and then select Open.

      Select Org & Space for CPMS Cockpit

      Since you will access the mobile services cockpit throughout the mission, Bookmark the Mobile Services cockpit URL for quick access.

    What is the plan type of the Mobile Services plan?

  • Step 3
    1. Click SAP Mobile Cards in the side bar menu to open the Mobile Cards configuration.

      Mobile Cards Option

      If the SAP Mobile Cards Advisory screen pops up, choose Close to close it.

    2. Click APIs tab.

      APIs Tab

      If you can’t see the APIs tab, click Initialize. This will create a new service instance for Mobile Cards.


    In the next step, you will scan the respective QR code to connect your mobile application to SAP BTP Mobile Service.

  • Step 4

    Make sure you are choosing the right device platform tab ( Android or iOS ) above.

    1. Launch Mobile Cards Application on your device.

      App Launch

      If you don’t have the application installed your device, complete all the prerequisites of this tutorial.

    2. Tap Proceed in the Welcome pop-up.

      Welcome Pop-up
    3. Tap I AGREE after reading the End User License Agreement.

      EULA Screen
    4. Tap Scan QR CODE.

      Home Screen
    5. Scan the Android QR Code present in the APIs tab of the Mobile Services cockpit.

      QR Code
    6. Enter your SAP BTP login credentials and tap Log On.

      SAP BTP Login screen
    7. Specify an app Passcode matching the criteria, and tap NEXT.

      Passcode Screen
    8. Re-enter the Passcode to verify, and tap DONE.

      Passcode Verify Screen
    9. Place your finger on the fingerprint scanner to enable biometric authentication.

      Biometric Screen

      This option is available only on devices that support biometric authentication. It allows you to use your biometric information, rather than the app passcode defined earlier.

    10. Tap Allow only while using the app option for the location services request.

      Location Services Screen

      SAP Mobile Cards is capable of showing some cards based on your location. Click here to read more about it.

      This option is shown when you launch the application and log in to a server for the first time.

    You’ve now connected your SAP Mobile Cards client to your SAP BTP account.

    You can automate the set up covered in this tutorial by using SAP BTP Boosters. You can find the details in the starter mission of SAP Mobile Cards.

    You can now proceed to the next tutorial, which will guide you to set up your Business Application Studio to build SAP Mobile Cards.

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