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Enable SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime

The SAP Kyma runtime is a Kubernetes cluster which is comprised of a collection of projects united together to simplify the extension, and integration of software.
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KevinMuessigKevin MuessigOctober 19, 2022
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October 21, 2020
  • Step 1
    1. In your Free Tier subaccount click Enable Kyma to trigger the enablement of the Kyma environment.

      Kyma Free Tier
    2. In the popup, enter your cluster name of choice and click Create.

      Kyma Free Tier

      In the background, a new Kubernetes cluster is being set up where the Kyma runtime and all its components will run on. This might take between 15-25 min.

      To continue with this tutorial, you need to wait until the enablement is finished. You can still use the SAP BTP Free Tier or close the window as the setup process will continue automatically.

      Kyma Free Tier

      To learn more about the Kyma environment and its functionality, see:

  • Step 2

    To open the Kyma runtime console UI, click on Link to Dashboard under the Kyma Environment section of the Subaccount Overview page.

    Kyma Free Tier

    The Kyma Dashboard should open in a new Browser Tab.

    The dashboard or Kyma console UI is your graphical playground for managing and deploying applications or services on the Kyma runtime. With the dashboard you can not only deploy or delete deployments but also manage them for scale, expose them over self-defined API Rules and much more.

    To learn more about the capabilities and features of the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime, follow the Kyma tutorials, blog posts, read the documentation or check out the YouTube videos. If you aren’t aware, there is also a Kyma slack channel where you can ask questions to the active community.

    Kyma Free Tier

    Which kind of cluster is Kyma?

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