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The ESPM Application

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The ESPM Application

The ESPM Application

In this tutorial series you will go through the process of developing a Java-based e-commerce application on SAP Cloud Platform. A reference app is used in order to demonstrate the development steps. The tutorials start with the basics and gradually build upon the functionality of the application.

You will learn

  • What is the ESPM application

Step 1: Overview of ESPM

The Enterprise Sales and Procurement Model (ESPM) is a reference application that demonstrates how you can build Java-based applications on the SAP Cloud Platform, Neo environment. To showcase the rich set of capabilities and application services the platform offers today, the ESPM application consumes services such as Persistence, Document Service, SAP Jam, API Management and Authorization Management. The technologies the application uses are OData, JPA and the SAP HANA Database. The application User Interface (UI) is built with the SAPUI5 framework following the SAP Fiori design principles.

Business Scenario

The ESPM application’s business scenario is one of an eCommerce site that sells electronic products. The customer can order products as well as provide reviews and rate them. The retailer can accept those sales orders and update the product stock information.

What is the Enterprise Sales and Procurement Model (ESPM)?

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