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Enable Essential Neo Services

Requires Customer/Partner License
Learn how to enable an essential service, like the Portal service, in the SAP Cloud Platform Neo data center that you can use later for additional tutorials.
You will learn
  • Where to find the services section and the associated categories
  • How to enable a new service for your development environment
jarjarbentleyJosh BentleyOctober 4, 2020
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September 20, 2018


  • Learn how to sign up for a free SAP Cloud Platform trial.
  • Step 1

    In the Neo environment, you enable services in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit. From the SAP Cloud Platform Trial welcome page homepage select the Neo tile.

    Neo Access

    Once logged in, you will find the services in the Neo Environment can be found on the left side menu by clicking on Services:

    Services menu

    The cockpit will now list all services grouped by service category.

    choose category or service to enable

    Some of the services are basic services, which are provided with SAP Cloud Platform and are ready-to-use. In addition, extended services are available. A green or gray label on the tile for a service indicates if this service is enabled/not enabled.

    You must first enable the service and apply the service-specific configuration (for example, configure the corresponding roles and destinations) before any subaccount members can use it.

    The term essential may mean different things to different developers, but this is a short list I would start with.

    • User Management - Identity Provisioning
    • Data Management - SAP HANA
    • Data Privacy & Security - OAuth 2.0
    • Developer Experience - SAP Web IDE Full-Stack
    • Integration OData Provisioning
    • Mobile - Development & Operations, std
  • Step 2

    Now let’s enable one of the services listed above.

    Click on the tile for Portal Service from the tile in the User Experience section, or from the services menu drop down for User Experience. You can also search for any service by name.

    The service description will give you a definition of what the service you are going to enable does.

    When ready to enable the service simply click the Enable button.

    enable button portal service

    The status will change to processing

    enable service processing

    Now after a few moments, you should see the Enabled button has changed to green and the action items for the service are now active.

    enable service button green

    Click on the “Go To Service” action for the portal service, and past the URL that you will be directed to?

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