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Run the Capital Expenditure Live Process

Run the capital expenditure live process and approve tasks using My Inbox.
You will learn
  • How to start a workflow instance
  • How to approve tasks in My Inbox
Deeksha-RDeeksha RJuly 2, 2021
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October 15, 2020

In this tutorial, you start a new instance of the process variant that you have created. This instance will have the total cost of the order as 50000, which requires a manual approval. Upon starting the instance, the task will be available in My Inbox for your approval.

  • Step 1
    1. Navigate to the Workflow Management home screen by choosing home.

    2. In the Workflow Management home screen, choose the Monitor Workflow - Workflow Definitions tile.

      Workflow Definitions
    3. Choose the High Value Investments workflow definition, then choose Start New Instance.

      Start New Instance
    4. In the Start New Instance popup menu, replace the existing JSON snippet with the below snippet. Then, replace the UserId field with your SAP trial email ID. Finally, choose Start New Instance and Close.

        "RequestId": "IAP-2020-180",
        "Title": "App Creation",
        "Requester": {
          "FirstName": "John",
          "LastName": "Doe",
          "Email": "",
          "UserId": "jdoe",
          "Comments": "Please Approve"
        "Investment": {
          "TotalCost": 50000,
          "Type": "Software",
          "CAPEX": 10000,
          "OPEX": 2000,
          "ROI": 5,
          "IRR": 5,
          "Country": "Germany",
          "BusinessUnit": "Purchasing",
          "Description": "Provide a fresh experience for our customers by providing new apps for our services"
        "Sustainability": {
          "EnergyEfficiency": 10,
          "CO2Efficiency": 20,
          "EnergyCostSavings": 15,
          "WaterSavings": 10
        "internal": {
    5. Choose Show Instances.

      Show Instance

    You can view the workflow instance created for approval. You can navigate to the Execution Log to ensure that the instance is at the local manager approval stage as shown.

    Instance Details
  • Step 2

    In this step, you can first approve the task created as a local manager. After the approval, the process moves to the next approval step to the CFO approval. You will again receive a task in My Inbox, where you can approve the task to complete the capital expenditure approval process.

    1. Navigate to Workflow Management home screen, choose My Inbox tile.

      You can see that there is one task that requires your approval.

      My Inbox
    2. Choose the approval task from the All Tasks list. You can view details of the task that requires your action such as, Investment Details, Sustainability, Investment Requester, History, and Comments.

      All Tasks
    3. Choose Approve to approve the capital expenditure request.

      Approve Task

      Similarly, after the local manager approval, you would have a new task in the My Inbox tile for your approval as a CFO.

      CFO Approval

    This completes your sample capital expenditure live process approval.

    Upon starting a workflow instance, where should the approval task appear?

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