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Create and Configure a Process Variant

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Create and Configure a Process Variant

Create and Configure a Process Variant

April 2, 2021
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October 15, 2020
Create, configure, and activate a process variant in the imported capital expenditure package using the process flexibility cockpit.

You will learn

  • You will learn how to create a process variant
  • You will learn how to configure a process variant
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A process variant consists of multiple process steps configured by a line-of-business expert. You can create multiple process variants depending on the number of approval steps to configure for the capital expenditure approval process.

In this tutorial, you can configure one such approval step and activate a process variant.

Step 1: Open process variants
  1. In the Process Flexibility Cockpit, navigate to My Live Processes section and choose Sample Capital Expenditure Approval Process tile.

  2. Choose the Process Variants tile.

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Step 2: Create a new variant
  1. Choose New Process Variant.

    New Variant
  2. Provide High Value Investments as the Name. Then choose Create.

    High Value Variant

    The Process dropdown is preselected as Sample Capital Expenditure Approval Process. This process refers to the template from which the new variant will be created. A template contains the process steps that are used to configure the different process variants based on business needs.

  3. The new process variant is now created with the given name and default description. Choose the newly created High Value Investments process variant tile.

    High Value Tile

    You are now in the Manage Process Variants view.

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Step 3: Edit the process variant
  1. In the Manage Process Variants view, add a new approval step to the template by dragging the Approval tile from Available Steps and drop it after the Local Manager Approval step.

    Variant Editor

    Choose the new approval step that opens the Step Properties

    Variant Editor two
  2. In the Step Properties section, modify the name of the step to CFO Approval.

    Variant Editor two
  3. Choose the Details tab, then change the Role Name to CFO and Approval Step to CFO.

    Group Head Details

    In the Details section, you should provide information on the role of the persona that should perform the approval task.

  4. Save and Activate the process variant.

    Variant Activate
  5. Navigate to the Workflow Management home screen.

    Home screen
What is the new approval step that you add in this tutorial?

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