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Create a RabbitMQ Service Instance

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Create a RabbitMQ Service Instance
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Create a RabbitMQ Service Instance


Explore the service marketplace in your SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry space and create a new RabbitMQ service for your microservices.

You will learn

  • How to find a service in the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Service marketplace
  • How to use the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit
  • How to use the Cloud Foundry CLI

The SAP managed offerings for PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, Redis and RabbitMQ will be removed from the price list starting Q3/2019 i.e. July 15th and are scheduled to be retired as of Jan 15, 2020.

Therefore, depending on you account type, you might not be able to complete this tutorial anymore

Step 1: Create a RabbitMQ service from the command line

You can create the service via the command line or via the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit. This step describes how to create a service via the CLI. Please make sure that you have installed the Cloud Foundry CLI and that you are connected to the proper org.

  1. Run the following command to see all available services and make sure that “RabbitMQ” is available.

    cf marketplace


  2. Select the plan v3.7-dev and create the service name pubsub-messagingservice by running:

    cf create-service rabbitmq v3.7-dev pubsub-messagingservice
  3. You can verify that this service is ready with:

    cf services | grep pubsub-messagingservice

    You should now see your newly created service.

  4. You learned how to create the service via the CLI. Now remove the service in order to be able to create if via the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.

    cf delete-service pubsub-messagingservice

    delete service

How many RabbitMQ service plans are available in the SAP Cloud Platform trial?
Step 2: Navigate to the service marketplace

Log onto the SAP Cloud Platform and enter the Cloud Foundry (Trial) environment.


Browse to the sub-account you want to add the new message broker service to.


Click Spaces to see your spaces and select the tile of the space where your service should live.


Click Service Marketplace.

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Step 3: Display all RabbitMQ services

Now you can search for the RabbitMQ service by typing rabbit in the search field in the top right.


Select this service by clicking the associated tile to see an overview of this service. You can use the corresponding buttons on the left-hand side to switch from Overview to Instances. The new screen lists all existing service instances of this service type.

How many messaging services are currently offered in the marketplace of the SAP Cloud Platform trial?
Step 4: Create a new RabbitMQ service
  1. Click New Instance to trigger the creating of a new service instance.
  2. Select the latest version of the plan and skip the optional steps.
  3. Enter the desired name of the service pubsub-messagingservice on the last screen on the dialog.
  4. Click Finish to create the RabbitMQ service.rabbitfinish

You should now be able to see the newly created service in the list of existing services.

How long do you need to wait until the wizard created a new service?
Step 5: Troubleshooting

Problem: I see the following error message when I execute cf create-service rabbitmq v3.7-dev pubsub-messagingservice:
Server error, status code: 502, error code: 10001, message: Service broker error: Quota is not sufficient for this request
Solution: This means there are already too many services running in your current Cloud Foundry space. Please check which services aren’t necessary (cf services) and remove them (cf delete-service <SERVICE NAME>)

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