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Assign Process Visibility Roles to Users

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Assign Process Visibility Roles to Users

Assign Process Visibility Roles to Users

Assign required roles for the SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility service for administrators, developers and business users of the service.

You will learn

  • How to create role collections
  • How to assign role collections to your users


Add roles to one or more role collections and then assign these role collections to your users to use various applications of SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility.

Step 1: Create a role collection
  1. In your Web browser, open the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit. If you do not have a trial account, see Prerequisites.

  2. You will see two buttons on the welcome screen of the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit. Click on Enter Your Trial Account to see your global account.

    Cloud Foundry
  3. Navigate to your subaccount.

    Cloud Foundry Subaccount
  4. From the navigation pane, choose the Security tab, then choose Role Collections.

    Role Collection
  5. Click New Role Collection to create a role collection for your service.

    New Role Collection
  6. Provide a name and optionally a description to your role collection, then click Save.

    Role Collection Name
  7. Choose the role collection created from the list and click Add Role.

    Add RoleAdd Role
  8. Choose the entry that begins with pvreuseservice to access the APIs as an application identifier.

    Application Identifier
  9. Choose the role template and the corresponding role to be assigned to the users from the dropdown menu, and then click Save.

In this tutorial, assign the role templates PVAdmin, PVOperator, PVDeveloper, PVEventSender by following the steps from Step 6. For more information about these roles, refer to Process Visibility Roles.

Admin RoleOperator RoleDeveloper RoleEvent Sender Role
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Step 2: Assign the role collection to users
  1. Navigate to your subaccount in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

    Cloud Foundry Subaccount
  2. In the navigation pane, under Security, choose Trust Configuration. Then choose the name of your identity provider from the list of available identity providers.

    Trust Configuration
  3. Enter the email address of the user to wish you to assign the role collection into the E-Mail Address field, then choose Show Assignments.

    Show Assignments

    If a user is not added to the respective identity provider, add the user by selecting Add User in the confirmation dialog box.

    Add User
  4. Choose Assign Role Collection. In the new window, select the desired role collection, and click Assign Role Collection.

    Assign Role CollectionAssign Role Collection
Which of the following roles are used in SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility?

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