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Create Workflow Instances for Process Visibility

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Create Workflow Instances for Process Visibility

Create Workflow Instances for Process Visibility

February 26, 2021
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September 12, 2019
Create workflow instances to see how events from different types of workflow activities combine to provide an overview to analyze the progress and identify inefficiencies in the workflow.

You will learn

  • How to start a workflow instance for a scenario
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Once you have modelled and activated the visibility scenario, navigate to the Monitor Workflows application and start a new instance of the workflow. Once the workflow has started, you will see the start and other events being received in the Event Acquisition application. You can process them using the Monitor Visibility Scenarios application.

Step 1: Start a new instance of workflow
  1. Log on to the Workflow Management home screen and choose the Monitor Workflows tile.

    Home screen
  2. Search and select the workflow definition onboard for which you want to create an instance and click Start New Instance.

    New instance creation
  3. In the available payload, provide your trial email ID in the highlighted snippet and then click Start New Instance.

  4. Click Show Instances to view the created instance.

    Show instances

    You should be able to see the newly created workflow instance.

    Show instance details
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Step 2: Open new workflow
  1. Click Home and navigate to the home screen.


    You should be able to see a new task in the My Inbox tile in the running state.

    My Inbox
  2. Click the My Inbox tile to open the application. You can see the new task in the list.


    Before you Confirm the task, access the Event Acquisition application to familiarize yourself with the acquired events. For more information on Event Acquisition application, refer to Monitor Events Acquired Using the Event Acquisition Application.

    You can move forward in the workflow by choosing the Confirm button in My Inbox.

    Approve equipment
What happens after you start a new instance of the workflow?

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