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Monitor Your Business Scenarios

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Monitor Your Business Scenarios

Monitor Your Business Scenarios

Monitor the business scenario and process data using the Monitor Scenarios application.

You will learn

  • How to view the details about the ongoing or completed processing runs of a business scenario


You can monitor the activated business scenarios using the Monitor Scenarios application.

Step 1: Access the Monitor Scenarios application
  1. Log in to SAP Fiori launchpad.

  2. Click on the Monitor Scenarios tile to open the Monitor Scenarios application.

    Monitor Scenarios tile
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Step 2: View details of scenario definition
  1. Type and search for the keyword Employee Onboarding Scenario, which is the scenario definition name used in this tutorial.

    Employee Onboarding Process
  2. Click on Process Data to process the events manually.

    Processing Data
  3. On successful processing of data, you can see the processing information listed out under Processing Information.

    Processing Information

    You will be able to view details about the ongoing or completed processing runs such as Start Time, Status, Events Processed, Events in Buffer, Instances Processed.

For more information on this application, refer to Monitor Scenarios application.

Which of the following is used to search a business scenario in the Monitor Scenarios application?

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