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Run, Test and Deploy Your Java App

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Run, Test and Deploy Your Java App

Run, Test and Deploy Your Java App

Run, test and deploy your Java app to SAP Cloud Platform using SAP Web IDE.

You will learn

  • How to run a Java application via the SAP Web IDE
  • How to ensure the Cloud Foundry environment is built for your workspace


  • You will need the login credentials for your SAP Cloud Platform account

In the steps below, you will run your Java app for the first time. In case you have not enabled the Cloud Foundry tools for your workspace, we will confirm those are active as well.

Step 1: Attempt to run your Java app

In the SAP Web IDE, navigate to the Development perspective and expand the Workspace folder to reach the cf_web_app Java project.

Right-click the file and then select Run > Java Application.


You may see an error that your Cloud Foundry settings are not configured.


If your settings are configured and you do NOT get the error, skip to Step 2.

Cloud Foundry settings

If you get the error, do the following:

  1. Open the project settings by right-clicking the cf_web_app Java project and selecting Project > Project Settings.


    You can also open the workspace settings by clicking on the gear icon on left bar, and selecting Cloud Foundry under Workspace Preferences.

  2. Select the API Endpoint that matches your SAP Cloud Platform region (**US** or EU ) from where you login to the SAP Cloud Platform.
    SAP Cloud Platform (trial)

  3. Enter your User E-mail and password to authenticate.

Now that this is complete, go back and run your Java app again.

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Step 2: Run your Java app

Right-click the file, then select Run > Java Application.


Your Application will start up. When finished your will see a few changes to the screen.

  • Your Java app will have a green check mark next to it.
  • You will have a URL that you can click to open your Java servlet in a new tab/window.

Click on the URL, which opens a servlet like this:


Click Hello World Servlet and confirm your app returns HTML data like this:

What text is displayed when running the Hello World Servlet?
Step 3: Confirm Java app deployment

In your SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, let’s go to the dev space and see if our app is running.

Open the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit and click the Cloud Foundry Trial tile.


Now click on the sub-account you used to build your app – named trial in the screenshot below.


Under Spaces, click on the dev tile – to open the dev space – to see what apps are deployed and their associated status.


In the dev space, you will see an Applications section automatically highlighted on the left menu. In the center, there’s a list of all your apps.

Find your cf-web-app filename in the list, and click it for more details.


Here you see all the details and controls available for this app.

You can also see a list of breadcrumbs across the top to navigate back to any of the earlier clicks that brought us here.

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