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Add a simple Java app to a Multi-Target Application

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Add a simple Java app to a Multi-Target Application

Add a simple Java app to a Multi-Target Application

Start to get a feel for modifying an existing codebase using SAP Web IDE by adding a Java module to a Multi-Target Application (MTA).

You will learn

  • Where to add your Java codebase
  • How to edit an application before running and deploying it

Step 1: Start the New Java Module wizard

In SAP Web IDE, navigate to the Development perspective and expand the Workspace folder.


Find your Java application in the file tree.


Now, you need to right click (or use CTRL + Click) on your project folder java_web_ide to open a contextual menu.

Select New > Java Module

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Step 2: Add Java module via template

Now that you have opened the Java Module template selection wizard, you can scroll down to select Simple Web Application from the list of tiles.

You should see a description of what this template will add below the highlighted tile.

Click Next.


Now name your Java module cf_web_app, and click Next.


Keep the default values and click Finish.


You should have a new file tree structure.

Click any of the folders with a + symbol to expand them.

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Step 3: Validate choices from the wizard

When selecting your module, there was a menu of available tiles to choose from like some of those shown in the picture below.

From the Template Selection add on wizard, which choice is NOT part of the returned list?

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