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Prepare to create a Java app with an MTA template

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Prepare to create a Java app with an MTA template

Prepare to create a Java app with an MTA template

Use a Multi-Target Application (MTA) template to prepare for building a simple Java app.

You will learn

  • How to create a project with the Template option in SAP Web IDE
  • What an MTA descriptor file looks like

Please make note that most of the information on the SAP Web IDE will reference deploying an application to the traditional SAP Cloud Platform data center infrastructure called Neo, but the Prerequisites section utilizes a tutorial that has information on how to enable java developers to utilize Cloud Foundry spaces.

Step 1: Create a new project from template

In order to create a Java app in the Web IDE and deploy it, you will first need to create a Multi-Target Application project.

For more details, you can check a detailed description of The Multi-Target Application Model.

Open SAP Web IDE and from the home page click New Project from Template.


Next, click the template Select Multi-Target Application.


Now name your project java_web_ide.


Add an optional description if you would like, then save your project by clicking Finish.

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Step 2: Find your project files in the workspace

Now you will see your new Java app in the Workspace file explorer. For this tutorial, you will see your project folder java_web_ide in the file list.


Congratulations, you are finished creating a simple Java application that you can start editing and debugging in follow-up tutorials.

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Step 3: Validate the base type of your project

In order to create your project, you had to fill in a few mandatory fields in the Multi-Target Application template wizard.

Which of these options was NOT mandatory when creating a Multi-Target application?

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