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Edit a Version of Your Project

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Edit a Version of Your Project

Edit a Version of Your Project

August 25, 2020
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August 25, 2020
Edit an existing version of your project and create a new revision of your project.

You will learn

  • How to edit a version of your project

You can edit a version of your project by copying the versioned content to the draft project and saving it as a new version. You can only edit a project that is in Draft state.

In this tutorial, we will edit an existing version of a project and create a new revision and version of that project.

Step 1: Copy the project version to draft

The version content will be copied to the project that you’re working on, that is, the base project content will be overwritten. In the previous tutorial, you have saved the base project content as version 1.0.0 for reference.

  1. Choose project version 1.0.1.

    Select your project
  2. Choose Copy to Draft.

    Copy to Draft

    In the Warning message pop-up, choose Continue to load the versioned content in Draft state.

    ContinueVersioned content in draft state
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Step 2: Edit a rule of the project version
  1. Choose Rules tab and then choose DetermineEquipmentRules rule.

    Edit rule
  2. Add the following row to the decision table and then choose Activate.

    Field Name Value
    Employee.countryofCompany = 'DEU' MATCHES '.*'
    Employee.jobTitle MATCHES '.*'
    Employee.isFullTimeEmployee = true OR Employee.isFullTimeEmployee = false
    Currency DEM
    ProductID 203478
    Equipment Type Notebook
    Equipment Price 299.20
    Product Desc Notebook Basic 10
    Edit rule1
  3. Since your project and entities are in Inactive state, activate each entity and the project to create a version. To do this, choose Edit in each entity view and then choose Activate.

For example,

![Edit entity](edit_version7.png)
![Activate entity](edit_version8.png)
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Step 3: Create a new revision and version of your project
  1. Navigate to the Details tab of your project and then choose Release Version.

    Release version
  2. Provide the following details in the Release Version:DetermineEquipment01 window:

    Field Name Value
    Version 2.0.0
    Revision Revision2019
    Description Business rules for determining the equipment for a new hire.

    Then, choose Release.

    Revision release

    You can see the new version of your project as soon as your release the version as shown:

    new version

The list of project versions and revisions are as shown:

![List of versions and revisions](edit_version12.png)
Can you directly edit a version of your project?
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