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Create Data Objects and Configure Value Help for Scenario

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Create Data Objects and Configure Value Help for Scenario

Create Data Objects and Configure Value Help for Scenario

March 2, 2021
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September 19, 2019
Create data objects that hold employee and equipment details, and configure value help for the data object to choose the values while modeling rules.

You will learn

  • How to create data objects for a scenario
  • How to configure the value help for a data object
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Data objects are the building blocks of a project. It can hold the input as well as output information of a business rule.

In this tutorial, we will create data objects which hold the employee details and the details of the equipment assigned to the employee.

Step 1: Create data objects
  1. Choose Data Objects > Local Data Objects.

    create data object
  2. In the Local Data Objects section, choose +.

    new data object
  3. In the New Data Object screen, provide the following details for the output data object as shown:

    Field Name Value
    Name EquipmentInfo
    Label EquipmentInfo
    Description Equipment Information
    Type Structure
    data object details
  4. Choose Attributes tab, then choose + to create a new attribute for the data object EquipmentInfo.

    Attributes for EquipmentInfo
  5. Similarly, create five new attributes with the following values:

    Name Label Description Business Data Type
    ProducDesc Product Desc Description of the product String
    Price Equipment Price Price Number
    EquipmentType Equipment Type Type of equipment String
    ProductID Product ID Unique ID of the product String
    Currency Currency Currency String

    Then, choose Activate.

    Five new attributes

    Activating will save, validate and activate the data object.

  6. Similarly, create and activate EquipmentApproval data object and its attribute with the following values:

    Data Object:

    Field Name Value
    Name EquipmentApproval
    Label EquipmentApproval
    Description Approval required for the equipment list selected for the new hire.


    Field Name Value
    Name ApprovalNeeded
    Label ApprovalNeeded
    Description Is approval needed for the equipment
    Business Data Type String

    Then, choose Activate.

    EquipmentApproval data object
  7. Similarly, create and activate Equipment data object and its attribute with the following values:

    Data Object:

    Field Name Value
    Name Equipment
    Label Equipment
    Description Details of the equipment opted for the new hire.


    Field Name Value
    Name TotalAmount
    Label TotalAmount
    Description Total amount of all the selected equipment
    Business Data Type Number

    Then, choose Activate.

    Equipment data object
  8. Similarly, create and activate Employee data object and its attributes with the following values:

    Data Object:

    Field Name Value
    Name Employee
    Label Employee
    Description Details of the employee



    Field Name Value
    Name IsFullTimeEmployee
    Label IsFullTimeEmployee
    Description True if the employee works full time or else false.
    Business Data Type Boolean


    Field Name Value
    Name countryofCompany
    Label Country or Region of Company
    Description Country or Region of company
    Business Data Type String


    Field Name Value
    Name company
    Label company
    Description Company name
    Business Data Type String


    Field Name Value
    Name jobTitle
    Label jobTitle
    Description Job title of the recruit
    Business Data Type String

    Then, choose Activate.

    Employee data object

  9. Navigate to the Local Data Objects tab to view the list of data objects.

List of data objects
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Step 2: Configure value help for Employee data object
  1. Choose Employee data object.

    Create value help
  2. Choose Edit and then choose countryofCompany attribute.

    countryofCompany attribute
  3. Choose Value Help tab and then choose Edit.

    New value help
  4. Choose +.

    Some alternative text
  5. Choose Value List from the dropdown list.

    New value list

    Select the newly created Value List.

    Value list
  6. In the Details section, choose + to add a Value-Description pair and then provide the following values:

    Value Description
    USA United States
    DEU Germany
    IND India
    AUS Australia

    Then, choose Save.

    Some alternative text
  7. Choose Employee in the breadcrumb navigation.

    Some alternative text
  8. Choose Edit.

    Some alternative text

    Then, choose Activate.

    Some alternative text
For which of the following entities, can you configure value help?

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