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Create a Project to Author Rules

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Create a Project to Author Rules
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Create a Project to Author Rules

Create a business rules project to determine the equipment for a new employee based on employee details.

You will learn

  • How to create a project to author rules

A project is used to configure and manage the entities of business rules. It contains data objects, rules, rule sets, and rule services.

Step 1: Open Manage Rules Project application

In the Manage Rules Project screen, choose +.

Manage Rule Project Application
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Step 2: Enter details of the project

Enter the following details of the project:

Field Name Value
Name DetermineEquipment01
Label DetermineEquipment01
Description Business rules to determine equipment for the new hire.
System SAP Cloud Platform
Expression Language 2.0

Label and Description are a mandatory fields. Description field does not support special characters.

Project Details
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Step 3: Save your project

Choose Save.

Save the project
Where do you create projects to author business rules?

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