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Create a Project to Author Rules

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Create a Project to Author Rules

Create a Project to Author Rules

September 16, 2020
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September 19, 2019
Create a business rules project to determine the equipment for a new employee based on employee details.

You will learn

  • How to create a project to author rules


SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules is an Intelligent Business Process Management service that lets you digitize and automate decision making. You can author and manage your decisions using the Manage Rule Projects application of business rules service.

A project is used to configure and manage the entities of business rules. Entities of business rules include data objects, rules, rule sets, and rule services. You can create projects in the Manage Rule Projects application, which can be accessed from the Workflow Management home screen. For more information, see SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules.

Step 1: Open Manage Rules Project application
  1. Log on to Workflow Management home screen, and choose Manage Rule Projects application tile.

    Workflow Management Home Screen
  2. In the Manage Projects screen, choose +.

    Manage Rule Project Application
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Step 2: Enter details of the project

Enter the following details of the project:

Field Name Value
Name DetermineEquipment01
Label DetermineEquipment01
Description Business rules to determine equipment for the new hire.
System SAP Cloud Platform
Expression Language 2.0

Label and Description are a mandatory fields. Description field does not support special characters.

Project Details
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Step 3: Save your project

Choose Save.

Save the project
Where do you create projects to author business rules?

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