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Publish the API to the Developer Portal

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Publish the API to the Developer Portal

Publish the API to the Developer Portal

Publish the created API to Developer Portal so that it can be consumed by external developers.

You will learn

  • How to bundle APIs into product and publish it to Developer Portal

Step 1: Publish the API
  1. Click on Products from the main API Portal Develop tab and click on Create.

    Create Product
  2. Give the Product a name for example eCommerceProduct, click on APIs and click on Add button.

    Product Details
  3. In the Add APIs dialog, select saleTracketAPI and check it.

    Add API
  4. Come back to the main product page and click on Publish.

    Publish API
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Step 2: Check published product in Developer Portal
  1. Navigate back to the main service page in Cloud Cockpit and click on Access Developer Portal.

    Access Developer Portal
  2. In the Dev Portal page, review that the published product appears. Now we are ready to consume this.

    Response Handle
What can be consumed by application developers from Developer Portal?

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