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Discover and Manage OData APIs from SAP Gateway

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Discover and Manage OData APIs from SAP Gateway

Discover and Manage OData APIs from SAP Gateway

Discover an OData API to expose all the business partner resources from SAP Gateway system and manage them.

You will learn

  • How to discover OData APIs from backend Gateway system

Step 1: Discover OData API from Gateway system
  1. Navigate to Develop and click on Create to launch the wizard for new API creation.

    Navigate API

    Note that by default the API Provider would have been set to NONE

  2. Select ES5 and click on Discover to discover the services in this system.

    Select ES5
Which service(s) can be discovered in the API portal?
Step 2: Create API proxy
  1. In the search field, start typing gwsample, this will list GWSAMPLE_BASIC, the sample service from Gateway, select this entry.

    Select Odata Service
  2. Enter the Name and Title of the API as provided below.

    Field Value
    API Provider ES5
    Name salesTrackerAPI
    Title salesTrackerAPI
    API Base Path salesTrackerAPI
    Provider Details
  3. Click on Create and go to next page.

    API Details
  4. Click on Deploy to finally create and deploy the API proxy.

    Deploy Proxy

    Inspect the API Proxy and note the API Proxy URL assigned.

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