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Create Destination for SAP API Management Service

Create a destination on your trial account to connect API Management and Mobile services.
You will learn
  • How to create destination on trial account
  • How to connect API Management and Mobile services
  • Step 1

    Login to SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit and navigate to Neo Trial account.

    Open Trial
  • Step 2
    1. Under the side menu select Connectivity and then select Destinations.

      Navigate Destination
    2. Click New Destination.

      Navigate Destination
    3. Enter the following values:

      Navigate Destination
      Field Value
      Name API_Portal_Trial
      Type HTTP
      Description API Portal on Trial
      URL https://<yourP#>
      Proxy Type Internet
      Authentication NoAuthentication

      Additional Properties

      Field Value
      TrustAll true
      WebIDEEnabled true
      WebIDEUsage api_mgmt_proxy

    Where do you create the destination?

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