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Manage Hubspot Instance using SAP API Management

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Manage Hubspot Instance using SAP API Management
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Manage Hubspot Instance using SAP API Management


Discover and manage your Open Connectors instance to Hubspot in SAP API Management.

You will learn

  • How to create provider of type Open Connectors
  • How to discover Open Connectors instance and create an API proxy

Step 1: Create API provider
  1. Navigate to your API Portal.

    Open API Portal
  2. Click Configure and then click Create.

    Navigate Configure
  3. Provide a name and description of the provider.

    Open Connector Provider
  4. Go to the Open Connectors cockpit and copy the following:

    • Organization Secret
    • User Secret
    Org secret
  5. Click the Connection tab and provide the following details:

    Field Value
    Type Open Connectors
    Regions Europe-Trial
    Organization Secret <your organization secret>
    User Secret <you user secret>
    Copy API Key

    Click Save.

  6. Click Test Connection.

    Test Connection

    If successful, the response code is 200.

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Step 2: Discover Open Connectors instance
  1. Navigate to Develop and click Create.

    Create Proxy
  2. Select the created API provider pointing to the Open Connectors instance.

    Click Discover to discover the associated APIs.

    Discover API

    It should list all the connectors with instances.

How can you discover the SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors instance in SAP API Management?
Step 3: Create API proxy
  1. Select HubSpotCRM connector.

    • Select myHubspot instance from the list.

    Hubspot instance
  2. By default, the name field will have a space in it. You MUST change the space to an underscore – HubSpot_CRM.

  3. Click Create and then click OK.

    Create Proxy
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Step 4: Deploy and test from browser
  1. Click Deploy to deploy the proxy.

  2. Try out the URL of the proxy to get the details of accounts from HubSpot instances in the browser.

    Try Out

    https://<HostAlias><id>trial<API Base Path>/accounts

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