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Enable SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

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Enable SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Enable SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Enable the required service to build an enterprise-grade SAP Fiori application that connects securely to a non-SAP service.

You will learn

  • How to enable SAP Cloud Platform, Open Connectors on trial account.

By enabling the service, you get your own instance of Open Connectors, which allows you to connect to third-party applications.

Step 1: Enter your trial account

Enter your trial account by clicking on Enter Your Trial Account.

Log into cockpit

Click on trial tile to open the cockpit for the Cloud Foundry trial environment.

Access Cloud Foundry
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Step 2: Enable Open Connectors service

Navigate to Subscriptions.

In the SaaS Applications section, click Open Connectors.

Select Open Connectors

Click Subscribe if you are not already subscribed to it.

Subscribe Open Connectors
Which connectors are available as part of open Connectors Service?
Step 3: Access Open Connectors home page

Click Go to Application.

Go Open Connectors

You are logged into your Open Connectors instance and can see all the available third-party connectors.

Select Open Connectors
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