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Connect to HubSpot

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Connect to HubSpot
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Connect to HubSpot


Connect to HubSpot (an example of a non-SAP third-party application) via CRM Hub.

You will learn

  • How to get the integration or API key to access HubSpot
  • How to connect to a third-party application from SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Step 1: Get integration key to access HubSpot
  1. Log on to your HubSpot tenant.

    • Click Setting and then click Integrations.
    Navigate Settings
  2. Click the Your integrations tab.

  3. Select API key and then click Show Key.

    You will get the API Key that can be used to connect securely from SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors.

    Get API Key
  4. Click Copy to copy the API key that can be used from SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors.

    Copy API Key
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Step 2: Connect to third-party application
  1. Log on to your SAP Cloud Platform trial.

    • Navigate to the Neo environment.

    Logon CP Trial
  2. From the Services tab, search and select Open Connectors tile.

  3. Click Go to Service.

    OCN Service Enable

    You are on SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors home or landing page.

    OCN Landing Page
  4. Click Connectors tab to view all the available pre-built connectors.

    Click Connectors
  5. In the search bar, enter CRM to view all connectors for third-party CRM Hub.

    HubSpot CRM

    In this exercise, HubSpot is used and therefore select the HubSpot CRM connectors. You can also explore and try out third-party connectors of your choice from the available connectors catalog.

  6. Hover over the HubSpot CRM and select the option Authenticate to connect to your own HubSpot tenant.


    You are on Create Authenticated Connector page.

  7. Create an instance of the connector and set up authentication.

    • Enter myhubspot as the name for your authenticated connector.

    • Select apikey from the Authentication Type drop down.

    • Click Show Optional Field to enter your HubSpot API key.

    Provide API Key
    • Enter your HubSpot API key and then click Create Instance.
    Create Instance

    This creates an authenticated connector instance to your own HubSpot tenant.

    In case you have selected an OAuth authentication based flow, then click Create Instance and you are redirected to your third-party OAuth token provider for an OAuth authorization code flow.

  8. To try out the REST APIs from the specific third-party application, click Test in the API Docs.

    Test API Docs

    After the authenticated connection to your third-party application has been created successfully, you can test the connection from SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors.

  9. Select any of the available resources and click Try it Out to test the connectivity to third-party applications, and then click Execute.

    Try Out

    This shows the CURL command with the harmonized REST URIs to your third-party application and the normalized authentication token which can be used to securely and seamless connect to your third-party application.

    The harmonized URIs and authentication headers can be used to connect securely to your third-party application via SAP Cloud Platform from any application that supports connecting to an HTTP endpoints.

    Curl Command
Which service you will use to connect to third-party systems?

Next Steps


  • You should have your test or sandbox tenant in HubSpot or any other third-party application.
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