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Map Fields Between Open Connectors and HubSpot

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Map Fields Between Open Connectors and HubSpot

Map Fields Between Open Connectors and HubSpot

May 26, 2021
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July 11, 2019
Use Common Resources templates to map fields from multiple sources to a single field in Open Connectors.

You will learn

  • How to clone and consume common resource templates
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Step 1: Navigate to Common Resources
  1. Navigate to Open Connectors home or landing page.

    Home Page
  2. Click on the Common Resources tab and then select the Common Resource Templates tab to view and explore all the pre-shipped common resource templates.

    Click Common Resources

    The pre-shipped Common Resource Templates are displayed in this tab.

  3. Select the basic-companies tile.

    The My Resources tab shows details about the exposed fields, field types, description, and list of mapped connectors for the selected templates.

    Basic Companies
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Step 2: Clone Common Resources
  1. Select the Mappings tab to view details about the mapped connectors of the selected common resource template.

    Common Resource Overview
  2. Select Clone to copy or clone the selected common resource template to your Open Connectors tenant.

    Clone Common Resource
  3. In the clone wizard, select the checkbox next to Connector Name to select all the connectors and select Next.

    Clone Connectors
  4. Select the Level > Account and click Next.

    Common Resource Account
  5. Provide a unique name for the cloned common resource and click Save.

    Common Resource Save

    After the common resource is cloned, you would see the common resource cloned to your Open Connectors tenant and it would show all the mapped connector instances that are present in your tenant.

Which template helps to map fields while using Open Connectors?
Step 3: Test Common Resources template
  1. Select the connector instance for HubSpot that you have in your Open Connectors tenant.

    HubSpot Instance
  2. The mapping of the basic-companies to the selected non-SAP connector can be tested from Open Connectors.

    • Select the non-SAP CRM connector instance, say myhubspotdemo.

    • Select the Play button to test the common resources.

    Try Out
  3. Click Send to test the Common Resource template.

    • Both the transformed response and raw response can be viewed in the test pane.

    Mapped ResponseRaw Response
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