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Create Service Instance for Data Attribute Recommendation

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Create Service Instance for Data Attribute Recommendation

Create Service Instance for Data Attribute Recommendation

September 18, 2020
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April 5, 2020
Create a service instance and the associated service keys for Data Attribute Recommendation, one of the SAP AI Business Services, using the SAP Cloud Platform trial cockpit.

You will learn

  • How to check your Data Attribute Recommendation entitlements
  • How to create a service instance of Data Attribute Recommendation
  • How to create service keys for your service instance

Step 1: Enter your trial account
  1. In your web browser, open the SAP Cloud Platform trial cockpit.

  2. Navigate to the trial global account by clicking Enter Your Trial Account.

    Trial global account

    Data Attribute Recommendation is only available in the Europe (Frankfurt) region. Follow the steps described in Get a Free Trial Account on SAP Cloud Platform and choose the Europe (Frankfurt) region. If this is not possible, create a new subaccount in the Europe (Frankfurt) region. You should then be able to find Data Attribute Recommendation Trial in your new subaccount Entitlements.

    If this is your first time accessing your trial account, you’ll have to configure your account by choosing a region. Your user profile will be set up for you automatically.

    Wait till your account is set up and ready to go. Your global account, your subaccount, your organization, and your space are launched. This may take a couple of minutes.

    Choose Continue.

    Account setup
  3. From your global account page, choose the trial tile to access your subaccount.

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Step 2: Check entitlements

To try out Data Attribute Recommendation, you need to make sure that your account is properly configured.

On the navigation sidebar, click Entitlements to see a list of all eligible services. You are entitled to use every service in this list according to the assigned service plan.

Search for Data Attribute Recommendation Trial. If you find the service in the list, you are entitled to use it. Now you can set this step to Done and proceed with Step 3.


If you do not find the service in your list, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Configure Entitlements.

    Configure Entitlements
  2. Click Add Service Plans to add service plans to your entitlements.

    Add Service Plan
  3. Select Data Attribute Recommendation Trial, and choose the standard service plan. Click Add 1 Service Plan.

    Add Service Plan
  4. Save your entitlement changes.

    Add Service Plan

You are now entitled to use the service and to create instances of the service.

For more details on how to configure entitlements, quotas, subaccounts and service plans on SAP Cloud Platform Trial, see Manage Entitlements on SAP Cloud Platform Trial.

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Step 3: Access space

All applications and services live in spaces. By default, trial accounts only have the dev space available.

To access your spaces, click Spaces on the navigation sidebar and select the dev space to open it.


In this space you will create your service instance.

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Step 4: Access service via Service Marketplace

The Service Marketplace is where you find the available services on SAP Cloud Platform.

To access it, click Service Marketplace on the navigation sidebar.

Service Marketplace

Next, search for Data Attribute Recommendation. Click the tile named data-attribute-recommendation-trial to access the service.

Data Attribute Recommendation in Service Marketplace
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Step 5: Create service instance

You will now create an instance of your service.

Click Create Instance to start the creation dialog.

Service Instance

In the dialog, leave the default value for the service and the service plan. Enter a name for your new instance as dar-demo and click Create Instance to skip the other steps and create the instance.

Create Instance

In the following dialog, click on View Instance to be navigated to the list of your service instances.

View Instances

You have successfully created a service instance for Data Attribute Recommendation.

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Step 6: Create service keys

You are now able to create service keys for your new service instance. Service keys are used to generate credentials to enable apps to access and communicate with the service instance.

  1. Click the navigation arrow to open the details of your service instance. Then, click the dots to open the menu and select Create Service Key.

    Service Keys

  2. In the dialog, enter dar-demo-key as the name of your service key. Click Create to create the service key.

    Create Service Key

You have successfully created service keys for your service instance. You can now either view the service key in the browser or download it.

View Service Key

You will need the service keys values in Set Up Postman Environment and Collection to call Data Attribute Recommendation APIs.

Choose the value that is NOT part of the service keys you created for your service instance.

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