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Write and Publish Blog Posts on SAP Community

By taking this tutorial, you'll discover how to prepare and manage your blog posts on SAP Community, get tips for better blogging, and learn how to interact with readers. You'll also earn the Blogging Savvy badge.
You will learn
  • How to find and use the blogging tool
  • Best practices for writing blog posts
  • Ways to manage your blog content
  • How to connect with your audience
  • Which blogging missions you can complete
lenastodalLena StodalJuly 15, 2022
Created by
September 20, 2019


  • Log into the SAP Community before starting the tutorial.
  • If you do not already have an SAP user account and profile, register for an account.
  • Achieve the Contributor or Author blogger level.
  • If you don’t have one of these blogger levels, please complete the Tour the SAP Community 2022 tutorial before beginning this one.
  • Step 1

    To open the blogging tool, you’ll need to click Write a Blog Post, a link you’ll find throughout the SAP Community site.


    Once you click Write a Blog Post (and you have a Contributor or Author blogger level), you’ll open the blogging tool.


    Please familiarize yourself with the tool, then answer the following.

    Which of the following appear in the tool?

  • Step 2

    You must select a blog category before publishing a blog post. Please read the Using categories section of the Blogging resources page, then answer the following.

    Which of these are actual blog categories?

  • Step 3

    As explained on the Blogging resources page, once you decide what to write about, you’ll need to select tags that match the topics that your blog post covers. Please read the Using tags section of the Blogging resources page, then answer the following.

    Which of the following statements about tags are true?

  • Step 4

    SAP Community brings together people from all around the world, and by learning how to write relevant content for them, you’ll draw a larger audience and increase readership for your blog post. Please watch this video, then answer the following.

    Which of the following appear on the list of best practices in the video ⁠— indicating what SAP Community readers want from blog posts?

  • Step 5

    When preparing a blog post, you should write in your voice – so that you can establish yourself as an expert while growing your reputation and building your professional network. Please watch this video, then answer the following.

    According to the video, writing in a narrative format allows you to do which of the following?

  • Step 6

    All blog posts should follow a three-act structure to ensure the best readability and highest engagement. Please watch this video then answer the following.

    According to the video, which of these questions should the blog post's introduction answer?

  • Step 7

    The content section of your profile provides a useful way for you to track and find your blog posts. In addition, you can find a blog post and its status via the blogging tool, where you can also interact with moderators.

    Please watch this video to learn the various ways you can access your blog posts, understand the different status types, and see how blog moderators and you can receive and share feedback. Then answer the following.

    When you filter your blog posts by status, what options are available?

  • Step 8

    Once you’ve published your blog post, you have the opportunity to promote it and interact with your audience.

    Watch this video for tips on how to engage with readers.

    Next, please go to the All blogs page, find a post with comments, then answer the following.

    All posts

    What additional options are available after a blog post is published?

  • Step 9

    As your blog posts draw readers, you can complete missions and earn badges. Please check out the Blogging Missions section on the Currently Available Missions and Badges page, then answer the following.

    Blogging missions

    Thank you for taking part in our Blogging Tutorial! Stay tuned to receive your Blogging Savvy badge!

    Happy Blogging!

    Which of these blogging missions is available?

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