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Collect User Feedback in SAP Build

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Collect User Feedback in SAP Build
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Collect User Feedback in SAP Build

20 min.
Send your application to your team to collect and review feedback from SAP Build.

You will learn

Gain user feedback on your prototype. Create questions to see if the application flow is intuitive, collect feedback and feelings from screens, and analyze your results from your users to see what features you should keep and what features might need to be rethought.

Step 1: Create a new study

To create a new survey to send out to your end users, you will have to create a new study. To create a new study, click the Create Study button in the top tool bar in the UI Editor or on the prototype overview page.

create study link on prototype editor

Give the study a name, such as User Feedback. Click Save and Go to Feedback.

new study form

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Step 2: Add a new question

Studies have an out of the box question to provide general sentiment and comments about the application. You can add additional questions if you want users to look more in depth into certain features.

Create a new question that will test the navigation and placement of data on the screen. Click New Question.

new question button on feedback creation page

You can add questions about Images or Prototypes in your project. Select Prototypes.

prototypes link on new question form

Select Prototype 1 from the list and then click Select.

select button highlighted

There are 4 types of questions you can ask: annotation, comment, multiple choice, and navigation. Select Select Answer(s) from multiple choice. You must provide at least 2 options for multiple choice, but you can supply more than 2 answers.

new question type and details

Set the question to see if users can find the specified demand of a part for the Flying Car. Here is a sample question:

What is the demand for Flying Car's Bumper?

The correct answer for this is 450. Set the options to 250 (the availability of the part), 450 (the correct demand), and 700 (the demand for a part on the initial screen).

 - 250
 - 450
 - 700
done button on new question form

Click Done.

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Step 3: Preview the study

You can review the “live” study before sending it out to participants to make sure you have all your questions and the order makes sense. You can even take your own survey, but your responses will not be recorded.

To preview the survey, click on the Preview link at the top of the survey page.

preview link on feedback page

This will start the survey in preview mode. No responses will recorded from this page.

Study start page
Copy and Paste your preview BUILD Study URL in the box below.
Step 4: Publish your study

In order to have your users provide feedback, you need to publish your study and share the URL.

On the survey’s dashboard, click Publish.

Publish study button

Once you publish your survey, you cannot edit it. Make sure you have all the questions you want to ask. If you are creating a real study and are not ready to share, click Cancel. For now, you can click Publish.

publish verification

Once you publish, you will have a shareable link. Copy the link and click OK.

study published link and URL

Send out the link to your intended audience to collect feedback. You can fill out your own survey to have some sample feedback in your application.

Copy and Paste your published BUILD Study URL in the box below.
Step 5: Provide feedback

When completing a survey, your users will see a live preview of the application prototype along with the questions.

Try out your survey! Paste the copied URL from the previous step into your browser. Click the Start Survey button on the survey screen.

Start study page

The first question will appear once you click start. This is to give feedback and comments on the screen. Click Place Feedback in the right side bar to activate the feedback click on the application prototype.

place feedback link on study

Click on the application prototype. A comment box appears. Provide your comments and/or how you feel about that part of the screen. Click Save when you are done providing feedback on the selected area.

placing feedback sample

When you are finished providing feedback on the screen, click Finish Placing Feedback.

finish placing feedback link on study

When you are ready to move on to the next question, click Next in the top of the screen.

next button on study

Answer the next questions by finding the right product and looking at the parts and their demand. Select an answer from the choices. If you want to place feedback, you have that option as well.

2nd question in study

When you are finished providing an answer (and, optionally, feedback), click Done.

done button on study

You have finished your survey! You can always go back and edit the feedback your provided or provide more feedback. If you wish, you can make your responses anonymous.

study complete screen
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Step 6: Review feedback responses

Once your users provide feedback, you can explore their responses. To review feedback, select Feedback from the BUILD main menu top bar. Click on your survey named User Feedback.

Feedback link on build page

This will load the feedback analytics. You can see how many people participated, how long it took for them to complete the survey, and how many questions they answered. You can drill into individual question stats as well.

feedback stats overview page

To see individual question responses, click Questions from the survey menu bar. By clicking a particular question, you can see the aggregated responses for that question.

specific question feedback for question 1

Review your user’s feedback and make adjustments as necessary before creating your real application.

specific question feedback for question 2
Click on the Participant tab in the Study results. Which of the following statistics can you see in the Participant overview?

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