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Use SAP API Business Hub in SAP Build

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Use SAP API Business Hub in SAP Build
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Use SAP API Business Hub in SAP Build

Learn how to use the SAP API Business Hub integration in SAP Build.

You will learn

The SAP API Business Hub integration in SAP Build enables you to prototype your applications using real world data structures. Limit the amount of re-design and re-work by using the right data structure from the start.

Step 1: Sign into SAP Build

Go to the SAP Build homepage. Select Log In in the top right corner.

Build initial page
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Step 2: Create a new project

Under Projects, click the New Project button to go to the create wizard.

new project button

Under the Start from Scratch box, click the Create New Project button.

New project starting point options

Give the project a name.

Create new project from scratch dialog

At the bottom of the screen, find the Create Project button. Click it to finish creating the project.

Create button highlighted
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Step 3: Start prototyping

In your project overview, select the Create Prototype option under the What do you want to do first? section.

Create prototype button highlighted

You will see some options to start prototyping. Select the Freestyle option so you can design your own prototype in the interactive UI editor.

Select button for Freestyle prototype

To start editing the page, hover over the page to reveal the Edit Page button and click it.

edit page button

In the UI Editor, you will have a blank screen. Add some controls to the page by searching in the Controls pane on the left side of the screen. Once you find the control you want to add, drag and drop it on to the canvas. Add a List control to the page. Search for list in the controls pane.

List control search

Find the List control in the search results. Drag it onto the canvas by clicking the List control and, without releasing the mouse, dropping it on the canvas.

list control on canvas
When searching for a List control, what is the first search result?
Step 4: Explore data sources

To add a data model to a prototype, click on the Data tab on the left hand side of the screen. There are a couple options for adding a data model. You can use Excel files if you have your own data structure to follow, or you can use an existing SAP service such as an API from the SAP API Business Hub. To import data from the API Hub, click the Import an API Hub data source link.

Data options for prototype with API Hub option highlighted

This will bring up the SAP API Business Hub browser. You can search for APIs or filter the APIs to a certain package to find the right data for you.

API Hub browser in SAP Build
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Step 5: Select a data source

In the API Hub browser, select the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer - OData API from the Package dropdown.

Cloud for Customer package selection

This will filter the list down to 3 API packages. Select the Product Entity package. Once it is selected, click Add.

Product entity API selected

The data structures for the Product API are now available in your Data panel. To bind the data into the list, you can just drag and drop it. Drag the whole Product entity and drop it onto the List control.

drag and drop of Product entity onto list

Once you dropped the entity on the list, you list should look like the screenshot below.

output of drag and drop data source
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Step 6: Bind data to controls

The data that is automatically bound the control is based off the name of the control and the name of the field. Some of the fields bound don’t make sense, so you can fix them by dragging the individual field onto the control.

Expand the Product object in the Data panel by clicking the arrow next to it.

expanded fields of Product entity

Find the Description field. Make that the new title. Drag the Description field onto the List Item Title control.

output of drag and drop description field

Find the ID field. Make that the new introduction. Drag the ID field onto the List Item Intro control.

output of drag and drop ID field

Drag UnitOfMeasureText and StatusCodeText onto the Status 1 and Status 2 fields.

output of drag and drop text fields
In your list, find ID # P110101. What is the Description?
Step 7: Live preview your prototype

To preview your prototype, click the Eye icon in the top right corner.

live preview icon

This will load the live preview to show you what your running application could look like.

running preview
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