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Manage Entitlements Using the Cockpit

Configure entitlements and quota using the cockpit. (Free Tier ready)
You will learn
  • How to add entitlements to a subaccount
AnjaNicoleKretzAnja Nicole KretzAugust 25, 2022
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July 13, 2021


  • You have one of the following:

You can do this tutorial with trial accounts or enterprise accounts with a global account using cloud management tools feature set B.

If you are in a global account using cloud management tools feature set A, you can also do this tutorial but be aware that some UI elements might be called differently. For more information on the two feature sets, see Cloud Management Tools — Feature Set Overview.

If you are in a global account using the consumption-based commercial model, you can even try out services for free. To do that, you have to assign the entitlements using the free plan if it is available. Not sure what the consumption-based commercial model is and how it’s different from a subscription account? In our documentation, you can find a lot of information on that! Have a look at Commercial Models.

Every service has its own available plans:

  1. Go to SAP Discovery Center to obtain information on which plans are available. To do so, search for the name of the service you are interested in.

  2. Select the tile of the service you are interested in.

  3. From the available tabs, select Pricing. You can now see all Service Plans available (such as Free, Default / Standard or Trial service plans). As an example, see the screenshot below.

Discovery Center
  • Step 1

    Before you get started, you should understand the difference between entitlements and quota, because you’ll encounter these two terms quite often.

    • Entitlements are your right to provision and consume a resource. They refer to what you’re entitled to use (for example, which services and service plans).

    • Quota is the numeric quantity that defines the maximum allowed consumption of that resource. In other words, how much of a service plan you’re entitled to use.

    Entitlements and quota are managed at the global account and directory levels, distributed to directories and subaccounts, and consumed by the subaccounts. See also Entitlements and Quotas.

    On which level can you manage entitlements?

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  • Step 2
    1. In your global account, navigate to Entitlements > Entity Assignments.
    2. In the Select Entities selection, choose the directory or subaccount that you want to assign entitlements to.
    3. Select Go.

      You’ll see a table for the directory/ subaccount with all entitlements it already has.

    4. Select Configure Entitlements > Add Service Plans.

      A popover appears with all entitlements available for your directory/subaccount.

      Configure Subaccount Entitlements
    5. Select the service and then the plan you want to entitle.

      If you are in a global account using the consumption-based commercial model, you can select the service plan called Free here to test out the service without any costs.

    6. Select the amount of quota you need.

    7. Select Add Service Plans to exit the popover.
    8. Select Save.

    Congrats! You have now successfully configured entitlements.

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