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Assign a Role Collection to a User

This tutorial shows you how to assign roles to users.
You will learn
  • How to assign roles to users
manjuXManju ShankarFebruary 15, 2023
  • Step 1

    To be able to access the application, your user needs to be assigned to a role collection that provides the required scopes.

    1. Open SAP BTP Cockpit.

    2. Go to the Subaccount where you have deployed your service and application.

    3. Choose SecurityRole Collections on the left.

    4. Select RiskManager in the list of role collections.

    5. Choose Edit.

    6. Enter the E-Mail Address of your user.

    7. Choose Save.

    Your user now appears in the list of the role collection’s users.

    How are role names assigned?

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  • Step 2

    Go to the application and choose the tile Risks. You should be able to create entries in the Risks application.

    If not, probably you have signed in before adding the role collection to your user. Sign out and sign in again to get the added roles in your login ticket.

    Why there’s no data in the Risks application?

    As explained in section Exclude CSV files from deployment, test files should never be deployed to an SAP HANA database as table data. For this reason, we’ve excluded the test files from the deployment archive before deployment.

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  • Step 3

    Instead of creating the role collection automatically using the xs-security.json, it’s also possible to create a role collection manually. For example:

    1. Open SAP BTP Cockpit.

    2. Go to the Subaccount.

    3. Choose SecurityRole Collections on the left.

    4. Choose the ( + ) icon to create a new role collection.

    5. Enter Name RiskManager.

    6. Choose Create.

    The new role collection appears now in the list, but it doesn’t contain any roles. To add a role:

    1. Choose the RiskManager role collection.

    2. Choose Edit.

    3. Open the value help for Role Name.

      RoleName value help
    4. Select cpapp-...!... in Application Identifier dropdown.

      Application Identifier

      The App Identifier is the XSAPPID of your application. It consists of the XSAPPNAME that’s been used to create the XSUAA service followed by an exclamation mark (!) and a landscape-wide unique ID.

    5. Select RiskManager in list of roles.

    6. Choose Add.

    7. Choose Save.

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