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Create a MultiChain Trial Node

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Create a MultiChain Trial Node

Create a MultiChain Trial Node

Create a MultiChain trial node on SAP Cloud Platform and access your dashboard.

You will learn

  • How to provision a MultiChain trial node on SAP Cloud Platform
  • How to access your MultiChain dashboard

Step 1: Understand MultiChain on SAP Cloud Platform

The MultiChain service on SAP Cloud Platform lets you create, delete, monitor, and maintain individual MultiChain nodes and then connect them to a blockchain network.

This service is supported by Small, Medium, Large, and Connect Your Own Network productive service plans.

In addition to productive service plans, we also offer a Trial service plan on the trial landscape. This plan comes with the following conditions:

  • One trial service instance per SAP Cloud Platform Global Account

  • MultiChain Service instances expire after 14 days, including the loss of the blockchain data (if not synced to a wider network), wallet data (public and private keys), and external IP addresses used to connect to other nodes.

  • An existing service instance, whether expired or not, must be deleted before a new service instance can be provisioned within the Global Account.

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Step 2: Open the MultiChain service

Once on the SAP Cloud Platform Service Marketplace, locate and open the MultiChain service by clicking the relevant service tile.

Image depicting SAP Cloud Platform marketplace
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Step 3: Create MultiChain instance

Once in the MultiChain service, you will see a service description and the available plans. In this tutorial you will create a trial node. This allows you to provision a single testing node for a 14 day period. These 14 days run concurrently with your 30-day global account trial on SAP Cloud Platform, rather than activating an extension or superseding your global account trial terms.

Click the Instances tab on the side menu, opening an overview of available MultiChain instances in your subaccount.

Image depicting MultiChain Service dashboard

Once on your MultiChain instances overview, click New Instance to open the service instance wizard.

Image depicting MultiChain service instances overview
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Step 4: Choose service instance settings

Navigate through the service instance wizard, selecting the following settings:

Field Value
Plan trial
Name MultiChain

After selecting the settings, click Finish.

Image depicting Multichain service instance wizard
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Step 5: Access MultiChain dashboard

Your trial node is provisioned (which may take a few moments) and is displayed on the overview of available service instances.

Image depicting MultiChain node provisioned

Click the Dashboard icon, opening your MultiChain dashboard.

Image depicting MultiChain node provisioned
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