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Deploy Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode

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Deploy Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode

Deploy Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode

Understand how chaincode is managed, then deploy and test it on SAP Cloud Platform.

You will learn

  • About Hyperledger Fabric chaincode, including how it is written and its main functions
  • How to deploy and test Hyperledger Fabric chaincode on SAP Cloud Platform

Step 1: Understand chaincode

Hyperledger Fabric chaincode (smart contracts) control all reading and writing to a Hyperledger Fabric channel and implements all relevant business logic.

Image depicting overview of chaincode on SAP Cloud Platform

Chaincode is written in GO code and after deployment executed directly on the Hyperledger Fabric peer node (in separate Docker containers). Usually, access to the chaincode is supported by the Hyperledger Fabric SDK via a HTTP/2 gRPC interface.

To describe the chaincode functions, a YAML file can be added, that uses Swagger v2.0 semantics to describe a HTTP REST API onto the different chaincode functions. Based on this YAML description, a HTTP REST API is supported by the gateway on SAP Cloud Platform, allow applications to access chaincode functions via normal REST calls. The manifest file contains deployment information, such as the ID and version number of the chaincode.

Image depicting overview of chaincode on SAP Cloud Platform

For this demo, we develop and deploy a simple Hello World chaincode that just supports reading and writing text strings to the blockchain against a defined .

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Step 2: Open the channel node dashboard

To deploy and test chaincode, click the Dashboard icon to navigate to your channel service instance dashboard.

Image depicting node dashboard on SAP Cloud Platform
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Step 3: Access chaincode area

Once on your channel service instance dashboard, click Chaincode on the side menu.

Image depicting channel service instance dashboard on SAP Cloud Platform

In the chaincode area, click Example Chaincode and select Hello World when prompted.

Image depicting chaincode overview on SAP Cloud Platform

This opens the Example Chaincode window, giving you access to the manifest, API, and chaincode.

Image depicting example chaincode window on SAP Cloud Platform
Enter the ID of the `chaincode.yaml` file below, and click Submit Answer.
Step 4: Deploy chaincode

With the Example Chaincode window open, click Deploy Chaincode:

Image depicting deploying chaincode on SAP Cloud Platform

The chaincode will now be deployed and displayed in your list of available chaincode:

Image depicting available chaincode on SAP Cloud Platform
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