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Subscribe to the Low-Code / No-Code Service in SAP BTP

Requires Customer/Partner License
Subscribe to and open the paid Low-Code / No-Code service on SAP BTP, and get access to the AppGyver Composer tool, an intuitive application development solution for users of all technical abilities.
You will learn
  • How to subscribe to and open the Low-Code / No-Code service on SAP BTP
  • How to access the AppGyver Composer tool within SAP BTP
thecodesterDaniel WroblewskiOctober 11, 2022
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September 20, 2021


The Low-Code / No-Code service on SAP BTP is available with a subscription booster. Boosters are a set of guided interactive steps that enable you to select, configure, and consume services on SAP BTP to achieve a specific technical goal. For more information about SAP BTP boosters, view: Boosters

Alternatively, you could use SAP AppGyver’s free Community Edition, if you do not need any SAP BTP specific features. The community edition is available here:

  • Step 1
    1. From your SAP BTP cockpit, click Boosters.

      Click Booster from SAP BTP Cockpit
    2. Search for Prepare an Account for Low-Code, locating the SAP Business Application Studio and SAP AppGyver booster.

    3. Click the service icon, opening the service overview page.

      Search for low code
  • Step 2

    On the booster overview page, click Start, opening the booster wizard.

    Click start

    The prerequisite checks run automatically. When both are marked as Done, click Next.

    Booster wizard
  • Step 3

    When entering your subaccount name, it is important to enter a new subaccount name, rather than targeting an existing SAP BTP subaccount.

    1. Enter your chosen Subaccount Name and Subdomain and then click Next.

      ![Configure subaccount](Configure_subaccount.png)
    2. Add any additional Users you need and then click Next.

      Add users
    3. Review your service information and then click Finish.

      Finish wizard

      The service setup runs, showing Processing and then Done for each item.

      Processing subaccount

      Once subscribed, a success message is displayed.

    4. Once all items are marked as Done, click Navigate to Subaccount.

      Navigate to subaccount

    You’re now in your SAP BTP subaccount.

    What is the success message that is displayed here?

  • Step 4

    Under Instances and Subscriptions, locate your SAP AppGyver subscription and click to open the application.

    Open Appgyver

    You’re now in the Application Development lobby, from which you can create an AppGyver project.

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