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ABAP on HANA - Setup an instance in the Cloud Appliance Library

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ABAP on HANA - Setup an instance in the Cloud Appliance Library

ABAP on HANA - Setup an instance in the Cloud Appliance Library

Setup a Developer Edition instance of ABAP and a HANA database on the Cloud Appliance Library

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This tutorial will guide you through the creation of an instance of an ABAP application server with an SAP HANA database

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Step 1: Create your Developer edition instance in CAL

Log in to the Cloud Appliance Library and look for ABAP in the solutions.

search for ABAP

Choose SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and SAP BW 7.5 SP01 on SAP HANA SP10 and click on Create Instance.

Choose instance
Step 2: Choose your cloud provider

Select your cloud provider. Enter the combination of Access and Secret keys for Amazon Web Services or the Subscription ID for MS Azure and click on Advanced Mode .

Choose instance

Continue to the next step.

Step 3: Review instance details and change Network

Review the name, description and zones. Make sure the IP address can be accessed externally, for example:

Choose instance

Continue with the steps and wait until deployment is finished. If asked, download the SSH key files in a secure, known location and enter a master password you will remember.

Step 4: Access your Virtual Machine

Once the Virtual Machine appears as Active in the Instances section, click on Connect.


You can use SAP GUI on your computer or from the RDP to test your connection. Use user DEVELOPER and the master password you have set. refer to the Getting Started Guide on CAL for more information.

Step 5: Map your hosts file

Take note of the SAP Front end External IP Address

External IP Address

Open the file /etc/hosts in Mac or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts in MS Windows. Add the external front end IP Address and vhcala4hci vhcala4hci.dummy.nodomain

<<IP address>>  vhcala4hci vhcala4hci.dummy.nodomain

For example:

MS Windows Host file

Hint: If you cannot save your changes into the hosts file, try running Notepad as administrator and opening the file from there.

You can use the hostname as your SAP GUI entry and Eclipse ADT plugin

MS Windows Host file

Proceed to add the 90-day trial license as described in the Getting Started Guide.

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