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Set Up the SAP Business Connector for On-Premise WebSocket RFC to Cloud

Learn how to set up the SAP Business Connector to to connect an on-premise system prior to 1909 to cloud using WebSocket RFC.
You will learn
  • to set up the SAP BC for WebSocket RFC from on-premise to cloud systems.
felixdraegerFelixFebruary 1, 2023
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September 27, 2022


The installer can be downloaded free of charge from the SAP BC homepage. (A one-time registration of the SAP customer ID is required.)

An installation guide and other documentation can be downloaded from the SAP BC details page.

If the on-premise ABAP System is an S/4HANA version 1909 or newer, the underlying ABAP platform can perform WebSocket RFC calls without any additional component. The business connector is not required in this case.

  • Step 1
    1. Go to the SAP BC homepage and download the SAP BC server and developer version.
    2. Install the SAP BC by running the setup file in administrator mode. We recommend to access the setup file from the console.

      When installing the developer version, make sure to also install the Certificate Toolkit.

    3. Install the latest core fix and service release. You can find them on the download page of the SAP BC. Follow the instructions of the installation guides. You can find them in the ReadMe text file in the download folder.

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  • Step 2
    1. Go to the config folder in the directory where SAP BC Server is installed. For example C:\sapbc481\Server\config.
    2. Create a new folder with the name trusted.
    3. Start SAP BC Server.
    4. Go to Security > Certificates.
    5. Choose Edit Certificates Settings.
      System URL
    6. Under Trusted Certificates, enter config/trusted in field CA Certificate Directory.
    7. Choose Save Changes.
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  • Step 3
    1. Start the Certificate Toolkit. You can find it in the SAP BC Developer directory. Here, go to certkit/bin/ssltoolkit.bat.
    2. Select Generate a Private Key and choose Next.
      • Key size: 2048 (Bit)
      • File name: privkey.der
      • Choose Next.
      • Optional: Enter a directory where the private key should be stored.
      • Under Enter CSR file name, enter privkey.pem.
      • Choose Next to generate the Certificate Signing Request.
    3. Have the request signed by a certificate authority.
    4. In the Certificate Toolkit, choose Convert and Save Certificates for use with SAP Business Connector.
      • Upload the CA’s response and choose Next. Change the name of the CA’s response to cacert.der
      • Certificate filename: cert.der
      • Choose Next to generate the certificate.
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  • Step 4

    Copy the private key, the CA’s response, and the certificate to the config folder of the SAP BC server.

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  • Step 5

    Which directory has to be maintained to set up the SAP BC for WebSocket RFC?

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  • Step 6
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