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Import Business Rules with Custom Business Object

Use Business Rules Import option to import template rules project that will be used to create business rule models on custom business object.
You will learn
  • How to import template business rules project
  • How to import CDS views from backend S/4HANA cloud system
ArchanaShuklaArchana ShuklaOctober 18, 2022
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May 15, 2019

Data object is the reusable entity of Enterprise Rules Model which is the vocabulary on which business rules are modelled.

In this tutorial, a template business rules project is made available in GitHub. This project has the result data object already created. You will import the CDS view based on custom business object Bonus Plan from the S/4HANA cloud system.

For more information, you can read the help documentation:

Import Project

Data Objects

  • Step 1
    1. Download the template business rules project zip from the GitHub.
      download template
  • Step 2
    1. In Manage Rules Application, click the Import icon and select Upload Project from File System option.

      open import dialog
    2. Browse to the file location to select the downloaded business rules project zip.

    3. Click Import to import the project in business rules application.

      import template
    4. Business rules project template will be imported and seen in Manage Rules Application.

      The project will be in Inactive status.

      view imported template rules
    5. Click the project to navigate into the details.

  • Step 3
    1. Click Edit to make changes to the default system.

      edit project
    2. Modify the project Name and Description.

    3. Click the drop down of System property.

    4. Select the system added in Configure System.

    5. Save the changes.

      select system
  • Step 4
    1. Switch to Data Objects tab for Local Data Objects.

      You can see the result data object already created.

    2. Click the PERCENTAGE_TT data object.

      view data object
    3. See the Type field and the Attributes.

    4. Click Edit and then Activate the data object.

      After you click edit button, the options to validate and activate will appear in top-right corner of the screen.

      edit data object
    5. Repeat the steps above to activate PERCENTAGE data object as well.

      activated data object
  • Step 5
    1. Click Import > Managed System to import the CDS views from S/4HANA cloud system.

      import data object
    2. In the Import Dialog, select the S/4HANA System from the drop-down.

    3. Enter the Name of the CDS view corresponding to Custom Data Object based on the Bonus Plan.

    4. Click Go.

      This will search all the CDS view with the given name in the S/4HANA cloud system.

    5. From the options, select your CDS view and click Import.

      import data object
    6. You will see the data objects imported.

      You can change the name, label and description of the data object, if needed.

      Go to the Annotation of the data object and its attributes to see how it is mapped to the backend S/4HANA system view.

      imported data object

      Each CDS view is imported into 2 data objects. One is of type structure (name ends with TT) and other is of type table. Table data object refers to the structure data object.

    7. Click the data object with name ending with TT (structure type).

    8. In the data object page, click Edit (on top-right corner) and then click Activate to save and activate data object.

      activate CDS view
    9. Repeat the same to Activate all the data objects.

      activated CDS view
  • Step 6

    How do you add system configurations in SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules?

  • Step 7

    Using which option below will you define the data objects for S/4HANA cloud?

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