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Use Custom Business Configurations app

Learn how to use the Custom Business Configurations app to maintain configurations.
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  • How to use the Custom Business Configurations app to maintain configurations
mervey45Merve TemelFebruary 17, 2023
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May 23, 2022


The Custom Business Configurations app serves as an entry point to the configuration objects provided by different applications or partners. You can use the app to adjust these configuration objects to change and influence the system behavior.

The required business catalog is contained in business role template SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT (Configuration Expert - Business Process Configuration). Ensure the user responsible for maintaining the error codes has this role assigned.

Hint: The trial user in SAP BTP ABAP trial system already has the required catalog.

  • Step 1
    1. Start the SAP Build Work Zone. You can start the SAP Build Work Zone from ADT if you right-click on your ABAP system in the project explorer and select Properties, select ABAP Development and click on the system URL.

    2. Logon with the user responsible for maintaining the error codes.

    3. Select Custom Business Configurations tile.

      Start Custom Business Configurations app
    4. Select your business configuration.

      Select business configuration
    5. Click Edit.

      Click edit
    6. Enter the following:

      • Error Code: 401
      • Text: Unauthorized
      Enter new row
      Click Add Row.
    7. Click Save.

      Click save
    8. If you only have a trial account and performed the adjustments mentioned in the first tutorial, the save operation is successful and you can skip the rest of this tutorial and continue with the next one. If not, you get an error message that the transport request is missing. Click Close.

      Error message
    9. Click on Select Transport.

      Click Select transport
    10. If a Task of a modifiable Transport Request is assigned to your user, you can select the Transport Request and proceed with saving. If not you need to create a new one first.

      Select transport
    11. To create a transport request, return to the SAP Build Work Zone Home Page and select the Export Customizing Transports tile.

      Start Export Customizing Transports app
    12. Click Create.

      Create new transport request
    13. Create a transport request:

      • Description: New Error Codes ###
      • Technical Type: Customizing Request
      Click Create.
    14. If you get an error message that there is already a default transport request, click Cancel and go back and search for the default customizing request.

      Search default customizing request
    15. Select the default transport request and create a new task for your user.

      Select default request
    16. Create new task:

      • Description: New Error Codes
      • Owner: <User responsible for maintaining error codes>
      Create new task
      Click Create.
    17. Back in the Custom Business Configurations app click again on the Select Transport action. Use the input help to select a Transport Request and click OK and then click Select Transport. The selected Transport Request is now shown in the section Transport. If you miss a Transport Request, try to refresh the Custom Business Configurations app.

      Select transport request in Custom Business Configurations app
    18. Click Save. The data has been recorded on the transport request.

    19. If you have activated Log Changes for the database table, you can navigate to the Business Configuration Change Logs by clicking on Display Change Logs in the Custom Business Configurations app.

      Business Configuration Change Logs app

    You can manage your customizing transports with the Export Customizing Transport app

    Business Configuration content can be recorded on both software components of type Business Configuration or Development. The former is recommended, see also Business Configuration for SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment | SAP Blogs. The transport request must have the attribute SAP_ATO_TRANSPORT_TYPE set to BC and the attribute SAP_CUS_TRANSPORT_CATEGORY set to DEFAULT_CUST or MANUAL_CUST.

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  • Step 2

    Where can you create a new transport request?

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